J-Hope Announces Collaboration With American Rapper J.Cole In Upcoming Solo Single “on the street” Through Video Teaser

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BTS J-Hope has announced collaboration with his muse and American rapper J.Cole in upcoming solo single “on the street.”

On March 2, BTS J-Hope has unveiled the music video teaser video for his solo single “on the street.”

The teaser also featured American rapper J. Cole, who will feature in “on the street.” The 40-second video features a short meeting between J-Hope and J-Cole in the background of New York.

J.Cole is one of the leading rappers in the U.S. with six albums alone that topped the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200.”

In 2013, BTS released “Born Singer,” a variation of J. Cole’s song “Born Sinner,” which was adapted into Korean lyrics, in the form of a free music source. The song was included on the first CD of the anthology album “Proof” released in June last year after remastering.

In addition, J-Hope met and befriended J.Cole in person during the U.S. music festival “LOLAPALOOZA” in August last year.

Meanwhile, “on the street” will be released on March 3.

Are you excited for his new single “on the street”?

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