ITZY Lia Confesses How Not Being A Good Dancer Took A Toll On Her During Promotions

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ITZY Lia has opened up about struggling with malicious comments due to her dancing.

Previously, Lia was involved in controversy when clips of her dancing next to her members were published. In a recent V Live broadcast called “Letters to MIDZY,” Lia opened up about how hard it has been on her and why she felt apologetic.

The below translation are taken from the V live broadcast:

Lia began by directly addressing the issue admitting she’s not as good of a dancer as the rest of her members,

“My team members are all so good at dancing, and the performance is really what amplified the concept of our team. Even I can see that they are most attractive and enchanting when they’re dancing.

I can actually see and feel other members enjoying themselves on stage, and that’s when I realize I’m a little bit different from them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to be a part of the performance, it’s just that I’m not good at it…”

Despite their powerful debut, Lia admitted that she found “Dalla Dalla” very difficult because she felt she was lacking,

“People around me were happy for me, and we’ve had good achievements, but I couldn’t accept this positive situation with just a feeling of joy. I felt apologetic, guilty, and as if I was doing something wrong.

ITZY’s performance is truly great, and I love ITZY, but trying to be ITZY is…”

Lia went on to share her outlook on life and why she believes that it will pass one day,

“’Endurance’ or the concept of ‘holding on’ is not something that we can exactly clarify, but I think in most people’s subconscious, it may be taken as a weak, negative expression rather than a positive one. However, actually I think toughing it out and bearing something is the hardest thing of all. It means at the very least, I didn’t give in and I didn’t lose. And to me, not losing means winning.”

This is the first time that Lia personally addressed the criticism.

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My Personal Thoughts

Wow! I didn’t expect JYP to allow Lia to directly address this but I am impressed, this is good planning, admitting that you know there is a problem and showing you’re trying your best.

I don’t think there is an issue with critique, the issue for me; and I think the majority of rational human beings; becomes when people use this as a platform to spread hate towards the said idol. Respectfully expressing your opinion on Lia’s dancing is not the same as spewing nonsense and hate.

And I can understand that even with valid criticism, Lia would still feel bad and this makes me feel bad for her. But sadly, this is the Kpop life and the bigger you are, the more people will pick at you, that’s just the reality of it. You can’t change mob mentality.  

I hope she has the emotional support she needs during such times. I always thought Lia was trying her best but her body was not cooperating with her, I never thought that she was ever ‘lazy.’ She is 20 years old and is still a rookie, as long as she keeps improving and trying her best, we can’t really ask for more.

Also, this is not me trying to shift blame or whatever, but JYP’s decision to include Lia in the lineup opposite skilled dancers was a very weird decision, added to that, they made their dances exceptionally difficult which means those who fall behind will surely be visible.

I can see she’s upset about this. I wish her all the best!

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  1. seeing this is really making me sad cause lia is a good dancer I dont see that shes a lazy dancer. man lia fits itzy so well. Shes actually a pretty good rapper for being a main vocalist! no one can see her talent 🙁 she can sing, rap, dance, and shes so pretty.

    1. yeah, like its not even hard to love all the members and this goes to every groups lets take blackpink like there stans are so annoying whyy cant people like all the members and im a true blink my bias is jennie and my bias wreaker is rose. I dont hate any of the members. but I hate jennie stans and the fandom im in like I dont complain jennie already had her solo. and now she has a youtube channel. we have been waiting for rose solo for almost about 2 or 3 years from now on. and Im happy. jisoo is getting her drama and a solo, lisa is having a solo, rosie is having her solo, guys just stop complaining who cares if lia is a bad dancer and SHE ISNT I find her very good.

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