Italian Singer Allegedly Plagiarizes BTS “Fake Love,” ARMY Furious With His Response

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Italian Singer Seiell is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing BTS “Fake Love” and for his attitude after ARMY confronted him about it.

He released a song called “Scenne Nennè” on October 29, ARMY found it to be too similar to BTS “Fake Love.” At first, they tried to check and see if he received permission for it and found no confirmation of that. The song was up on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

After ARMY confronted him, he edited the YouTube description of the song to add a link to BTS “Fake Love” labeling it his song a remix; he later set the video private, you can no longer watch it on YouTube. However, fans did upload the parts they suspect were plagiarized.

The song:

After ARMY messaged him on Instagram asking for an explanation he reacted in the worst way you could imagine and according to ARMY accounts proceeded to release a ‘diss track’ aimed at the fandom, he also reportedly cursed at BTS as well.

There are conflicting fans’ encounters of whether he credited the song or not but his attitude about the entire situation isn’t making the situation better. After fans attempts to verify facts with him went nowhere, they proceeded to email Big Hit with details about the song. Big Hit has not released a response yet.

An ARMY made a thread regarding the singer reaction to this including translation to his conversations with some ARMY, if you’re interested read below:

Do you think the song sounds similar to “Fake Love” or not?

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  1. This irrelevant rapper or wtv he even is really had the guts to say “go
    kill yourself and your fake Chinese rappers” like honestly he shouldn’t have messed with us

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