IST Entertainment Issues Apology After THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae Wore A Hat With The Rising Sun Flag In Recent Vlog

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IST Entertainment, the agency of THE BOYZ, has apologized for the inclusion of a controversial hat in a vlog featuring the group.

On February 3, Juyeon and Eric posted a vlog of their visit to Tokyo, which included a scene showing Hyunjae wearing a hat with the Rising Sun flag, a symbol linked to Japanese imperialism.

After recognizing the issue became a trending topic online, the vlog was edited and re-uploaded, with the offending scene removed.

IST Entertainment issued a statement acknowledging the oversight and apologizing for causing concern. The agency promised to be more cautious in the future to avoid similar incidents. Read their statement:

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.
In the content released today, a scene where a member was wearing a hat with the problematic pattern was confirmed, so we deleted that scene and uploaded it again.
The member wore the hat without realizing the pattern, and the problem arose as we also did not recognize it and released the content.
From now on, we will be more careful to prevent such issues from happening again.
We apologize for causing any concern.

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