Influencer Who Accused Famous Male Idol Of Cursing And Threatening Her Clarifies Its Not EXO’s Chanyeol, Issues Apology For Confusion

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The female influencer who accused a famous male idol of threatening and being rude to her has come out with a statement to deny it was EXO’s Chanyeol.

Recently, motorcycle influencer Jang Si Nae made a guest appearance on Channel S alongside her husband. On the show, she told the story of the famous idol who threatened and cursed at her for no reason while she was driving to work.

She says she spotted a man in a foreign car behind her, he was driving dangerously and came quickly from behind, she was able to avoid him but he then gave her the middle finger, when she followed him to get his license plate, they both stopped at a traffic light. When she looked at who it was, she says she was stunned, this was a very famous idol. He covered his face and kept giving her the middle finger, she added, ‘I would be buried the moment his name comes out of my mouth.’

Later, netizens began to speculate on the identity of the idol and some began to spread the rumors that it was EXO Chanyeol. However, SM has since come out with a statement to deny the rumors and promised strict legal action.

On April 28, the influencer ended up issuing a personal statement to her Instagram to clarify the rumors. She says many were experiencing confusion so she wanted to apologize and clear up the misunderstanding.

She began by saying that she has never mentioned the idol’s name ever and even if he’s found, she won’t reveal his name. She adds that the video she’s made on YouTube was based on what she saw and felt from her own perspective.

She says despite being the victim of the idol who dangerously drove his vehicle, she feels its only appropriate to apologize to Chanyeol who suffered damage through people’s speculations. She says she ‘intended not to cause harm to any other person from baseless speculations again,’ she’s decided to delete the video and all related posts on this topic from her feed as a result.

She ended her post with another apology to everyone who suffered due to the misunderstandings created by her video and interview.

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