iKON Fans Are Boycotting The Boys For These Reasons , YG’s Response Will Have You Clapping Back

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YG Entertainment will be suffering from a huge financial loss because of a misunderstanding with iKON’s fandom.

iKON Fans will be boycotting all good sold by YG Entertainment that is set to be released this month for these reasons.

Back on July 24, the fans sent an 18 page-request for feedback from YG Entertainment regarding many things concerning the boys, like their health amid busy schedules, low amount of Korean promotions and failed improvement in styling; they gave YG Entertainment until 11th of August to respond to them properly.

On the 30th of July, YG Entertainment’s CEO himself addressed the issues over an Instagram post, he wrote,

“You don’t have to worry about iKON! Wait until September and October… then we’d be able to happily smile together.”

YG’s vague response angered fans even more, they revealed that they’re officially moving forward with the decision of boycotting the group Goods.

They blamed YG’s simple response that did match their sincere requests, they said,

“We waited until August 11, but in the end YG didn’t provide the sincere feedback we’ve been waiting for.”

The fans will boycott the upcoming DVD “iKON SUMMERTIME SEASON2 in BALI” along with any goods sold out by YG’s until a proper feedback is given.

To that YG released this statement, they said,

“What happened was merely a misunderstanding.

iKON has released new music back in May of this year. Several members appeared on variety shows like ‘Thinking of Oppa’, ‘Fantastic Duo’ and soon in ‘Law of the jungle’.”

What do you think of this entire situation?

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My Reaction

The first thing that pops into my mind after reading all of this is…

“they released two songs back in May, both were very poorly received in Korea, they didn’t even top charts. You’re doing a bad job supporting the boys and have the nerves to come up and say you’re boycotting!”

Lets be real and objective, now that I got what I wanted to say out of my system.

There are 2 sides to this story, I partially understand the fans and partially understand YG here.

Bigbang is soon going on full hiatus, he has to substitute them for iKon and Winner, he cannot afford to screw this up because it’ll cost him.

Whether you guys like it or not Korean fans do have an influence, they buy everything and they decide whether we see a Korean comeback or not.

So many idols do well in japan and never come back to korea because of the poor reception there. You can’t keep paying money for songs, production, outfits etc. and then have no return for your investment.

You might tell me that music is all that matters but by the end of the day, if the music isn’t making you money then you’ll have to quit. No one wants to fund a person who is not bringing in revenue.

What does this have to do with iKON?

It’s the fact that what I just said can happen to them. If the Korean fans turn their backs, its game over for them. The fandom base turning their back on you is scary as hell.

I understand why they didn’t like YG’s response. They sent 18 pages, 18 written pages of their complaints regarding all, they buy and fund YG, they give YG the money. So he responds stupidly with a vague comeback promise and fuels more problems.

Anyone would be angered by that. The problem is YG always makes promises and never delivers or delivers very late. Knowing YG’s style even me who isn’t a YG stan know that he doesn’t go through with his promises.

You can’t bite the hand that feeds you, but YG’s response is savage to be honest. Its like he was telling them you didn’t support the boys last two songs and now you say this?

The boys have been active on various variety shows; I often see news about that. YG didn’t do that often back in the day, back in the day his idols would rarely promote and go on variety shows, they’d straight up go to world tours or Japanese tours.

He’s trying to including the idols and introduces them to the public. This why in my opinion what the fans want is stupid.

How about your support them? They’re going on shows and they’ve only recently released songs, stream those. YG is going out of his way to reduce gaps between his label’s artists comeback (sth. He didn’t do) because of Bigbang upcoming hiatus.

I don’t know what they want or mean by their requests! I bet the boys are sad. YG if continuing with this attitude will only have more to lose whether the complaints of fans who buy make sense or not.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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