HyunA Denies Rumours Of Getting Back Together With Ex-boyfriend Dawn 

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A representative from HyunA‘s side denied rumours of her reunion with Dawn.

On January 10th, an official from HyunA’s side briefly told News1, “The rumour of a reunion with Dawn is not true.”

Recently, HyunA posted a picture on her SNS. In the published photo, HyunA is seen with a piercing on her lower lip. Since then, suspicions of a reunion between HyunA and Dawn have been raised among netizens. It is speculated that Hyuna’s new piercing on her lower lip, which was done by Dawn, is a reunion signal.

However, HyunA’s side said that the reunion rumour was not true.

HyunA had been dating Dawn since 2016, and she had been publicly dating him since 2018 after admitting to their relationship. However, last year, HyunA and Dawn left PNation, which they were in together, and in November of the same year, news of their breakup was reported.


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