Hoya Admits He Almost Left The Entertainment World, Reveals Why He Decides To Leave INFINITE

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The former INFINITE member Hoya sat down for a candid interview recently and talked about the real reason why he left his group and his entertainment agency.

Hoya is currently a part of Glorious Entertainment, the same entertainment agency which houses stars like Ji Chang Wook and Lee Hyun Woo. Since all the celebrities in his agency are artists, Hoya was assumed to be planning on focusing on acting from now on.

During the interview Hoya was asked about this, he denied the assumptions and said,

“In fact, it’s the exact opposite. After becoming a free man last June, I received many calls from agencies that only catered for singer. At first, I was interested because I wanted to continue my career as a singer but if I go to such agencies, there will be A&R team, producers, and composers.

Since the agency wants to make money, I have to make commercial music. If I gave in to all of that, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the type of music I wanted to do.”

Hoya later revealed that when he left INFINITE and his agency last year, he even revealed he thought about quitting being a celebrity once and for all, he explained why he had thought of this saying,

“It all started because I simply liked singing and dancing, since I lived life as a celebrity, I spent a lot of my time doing business rather than singing and dancing. I had to do a lot of business to be able to sing one song, it felt backwards.

Rather than singing what I liked, I felt like I was walking on eggshells constantly worried about what type of music the public would like. Since all these feelings piled up, I thought about quitting the celebrity life once and for all.”

The idol revealed that he then decided to continue because he loved music, dancing, he also thought he should continue being a singer for his fans.

About the reason why he decided to join Glorious Entertainment, the idol revealed that he had met the president by accident, after talking to the president of the agency, the idol revealed that the president readily agreed to have him make music and release an album, the president said,

“I don’t know a lot about music, do whatever you want.”

Hoya then added that he thought this was the best path for him in order to do the type of music he wants. He added,

“The agency is not looking to make money through my album anyways, so I think I can make money by acting while doing the music I want.”

He also revealed that he’s currently working on an album without his agency interference, he added,

“Its a lot harder that way, but its also more fun.”

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 My Thoughts

The idol life isn’t for everyone y’all. It feels like Hoya knew that this type of idol life is super difficult and demanding, I don’t blame him or hate him for leaving his group.

We all make mistakes and make choices that we come to reconsider after a while, after experimenting with it. Hoya wanted to make music he likes but didn’t want to hurt his company which will have to pay him loads of cash to invest in his album, he was afraid it’d flop and cause damage and he was afraid he had to compromise on his taste in music. He was also annoyed and taken back by the technicalities it took to make an album and a hit track.

I listened to a couple of songs he wrote for INFINITE, and I liked them, they’re friendly and adorable. I am excited to see what type of music he’ll release.

The thing that Hoya didn’t know much, is that whatever you want to do in life there will come a string of things you’d have to deal with in order to get to do ‘what you want.’ Now he does and he picked the correct path for himself, I applaud his bravery.

Its not easy. Getting to do what you want however you want is extremely difficult. I know that because of this blog, I started it with the purpose of sharing my thoughts about Kpop and kdrama news, now I have to deal with load of technicalities to keep this blog alive. Getting to do what you want was never said to have been easy.

I feel like he wants to experiment and release music for the purpose of releasing music he likes. He has a nice voice and is an exceptional dancer.

We’ll have to wait and see. The trick is to make music you enjoy while catering to the public, that’s the trick. Its not only something that’s in the Korean music scene, but everywhere else as well.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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