How Woo Ji Yoon Was Treated In BOL4 Upsets Netizens

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After news of the biggest duo in Kpop losing a member, fans have been looking back at how Woo Ji Yoon was treated and why some people inside the fandom already knew she would likely leave.

On April 2, Shofar Music released an official statement to social media to confirm that Woo Ji Yoon had left the duo; Ahn Ji Young will be promoting solo under BOL4.

While outsiders were sad to hear the news, the fandom itself wasn’t that surprised. A post on Pann has garnered over 240,000 views showing how Woo Ji Yoon was treated as part of the team at a fan sign event.

One gif shows Woo Ji Yoon getting ignored by a male fan who had gotten up immediately after Ahn Ji Young signed for him, he completely ignored Woo Ji Yoon who looked hurt but tried to act cool at the fan sign event.

The post caption reads, “I pity her.”

Netizens bashed the fan who had done this and stressed that BOL4 are a duo and it wouldn’t have been so hard to get both their signatures. Here are some of their comments,

No, but if you attend BOL4 fan sign event, shouldn’t you get an autograph by both members? If not, why did you come?

Isn’t that crazy? that’s too much

Isn’t that crazy? I can’t imagine how she must’ve felt

If I was her, I would’ve cried…

and more.

Another photo shows a manager pushing the umbrella towards Ahn Ji Young’s head leaving Woo Ji Yoon to get wet in the rain; she had to use a cloth.

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