How Heize Felt About Working With BTS Suga And Why Her Label Told Her His Song Might Not Rank Well

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Popular singer Heize surprised fans with an announcement a couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that she collaborated with rapper Giriboy on a track produced by BTS Suga.

ARMY were happy with the news, two amazing artists working together on the same song. Many had high expectations and hoped the song would do well.

On July 30, Heize finally opened up about her experience of working with BTS Suga. She appeared as a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

She said,

“It was my first time working with Suga, but it was really great. He was so nice. Thank you Min PD.”

Min PD is the name BTS Suga calls himself when working as a producer. Min is the family name of Suga actual name Min Yoongi while PD stands for producing director.

In case you haven’t noticed, its a lot more difficult to rank on Korean charts these days. With heavy competition from rising or well-established soloists. Kpop groups (male and female) have been struggling to penetrate the top 10 on Korean charts and stay there for a while, its not what it used to be.

This is why Heize’s label told her not to get her hopes up high since its difficult to get good results on music charts these days,

“I usually don’t pay much attention to music rankings and I thought that its difficult to get good results on them these days, and my company told me not to get greedy either. I was content with it. However, it ended up doing well, so I am thankful.”

“We Don’t Talk Together” topped various Korean charts shortly after its release.

Have you heard the song? did you like it?

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    1. just shut up and go on with life and as my pre-k teacher once told me, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”

  1. I liked it but after hearing the original demo of Suga, I like more the original. But it’s okay. It isn’t bad. Suga said, Heize changed some of the parts to suit her voice. So I just consider it as a aprt 1 and part 2, like same song but a bit different in each other, vocally and style. Both good, either way. Suga made it so I am confident it will do good on charts.

  2. It is a good song. The voice combination is good, I mean giriboy rap and sweet and lovely voice of Heize. I like the MV too in my opinion it potrays the meaning of the song. People do have different taste in music so let us just respect it. Respect the artist and the production team. They work hard for it.

  3. I loved the song,the melody was so was soothing to hear it.Loved the collaboration,hoping for more in future.hwaiting suga and heize

  4. I really liked We Dont Talk Together, Song produced by Suga and Heize unique voice with giriboy rapping Totally A good Song, i really liked the Song production i mean at the start the music begins with music i really liked it.

  5. I like the song, Heize voice is so sweet and the lyrics as well the song itself is so beautiful! Congratulations Heize, Giriboy and Suga

  6. The song is amazing! It is so catchy with a really nice melody. Heize’s voice is so sweet and Giriboy’s rap snaps! For those who don’t like it you have a serious problem in your ears .

    1. Whether you like or not …I don’t care …the song top the chart’s mean many people love the song..people don’t like keep your mouth in your pocket

  7. The song is a blast, i mean ofc why wouldn’t it be after all our savage king participated in itss producing and plus heize has a good voice so whoever is saying it doesn’t suite heize voice need to clean up their ears periot pooh.

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