Here Is Your First Official Clear Look Of BTS Jungkook Sleeve Tattoo

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BTS Jungkook sleeve tattoos are the best thing you’ll see today!

Fans have long been debating whether BTS Jungkook tattoos were real or not, it happened around the time BTS got their first official month-long vacation, fans spotted BTS at the airport going for official schedule and saw letter tattoos on Jungkook right arm, they went crazy.

Some fans thought they were temporary while others disagreed, but as time went by, they became certain they were real. As BTS made more official appearances since their vacation, fans noticed that BTS Jungkook has been adding tattoos to his ever-growing collection.

Since tattoos are a taboo in South Korea, Big Hit team censors them and Jungkook has been wearing long sleeves since its winter. But eagle-eyed fans finally spot them for the first time in episode 5 of “Bon Voyage 4.”

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One fan posted about Jungkook’s tattoo sleeve in the background when BTS were visiting a hot spring.

Check out the tweet that blew up below:

What do you think of Jungkook tattoos?

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