Here Is Why SM Fans Are NOT Happy With SuperM Debut Announcement

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Some fans of various SM groups are NOT happy with the new announcement of SuperM’s upcoming debut and for various reasons.

SuperM will consist of SHINee’s Taemin, EXO members Baekhyun and Kai, and NCT members Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Lucas.

Here is why some fans of these groups are not happy with the announcement:

Some EXO fans aren’t happy that EXO will be pushed aside for this group debut, added to that, Baekhyun was born in 1992 (the oldest of SuperM) and probably has little time left before he’s required to enlist in the group. This means that this takes away another possible EXO comeback.

Some NCT fans are talking about just how overworked some NCT members are being placed in each group every single time. They worry about the health of Taeyong and Mark who seem to be in every NCT unit and are now joining this new group. They also fear for NCT’s future that will probably be pushed aside to establish SuperM.

Other the other hand, some SHINee fans don’t seem to understand why a senior idol artist, who is doing extremely well promoting as a soloist, is joining this group. Taemin also has to enlist within the next two years according to Korean military law. He leads a successful solo career while his fellow SHINee members serve their country.

It also seems that the company does know fans aren’t happy with the announcement. SME exec Chris Lee told Billboard,

“It’s a new sort of team but they will be in their own teams still, of course. We’re trying to unite the fandoms. Fans, please don’t worry about it. We’ll make you all happy.”

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However, the majority fans of the three groups pledged their support to the members, regardless of whether some support the idea or not, many still talked about the importance of supporting the members anyways.

What do you think of the idea?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. I think its a bad idea because as others know mark and taeyong are in every nct sub unit except dream and wayv of course but it still makes us worry about them and their health taking on more responsibility and stress

  2. Are they robots? If they still active in their own groups, how do they rest? It means they’ll take 2 jobs. It’s impossible! I mean their jobs are singing & dancing with choreo, it needs strength & full concent

    1. SM should learn how to manage their own groups first before creating a new one. Exo barely has comebacks, their promotions suck, and SM doesn’t even try to promote them in the West dispite their popularity there.

  3. Stupid move by SM. Desperate move to beat BTS. Why don’t they form a totally new team with new members and spend time polishing them until they are successful.?? Rather than taking these members from existing group??? You are cannibalising existing group and destroy their future. SM is such low class. No support from me.

    1. True..SM really bad to promate them..poor my EXO.. In this way SM will never beat Big Hit with their BTS, SM so desperate…., u hv many best artis but none of them can beat big hit’S members ..manage your idol proper..

      1. Lol…why SM need to take over BH?? You sound like a kid tho. It’s SM decision to promote a boy group, why connected it with BH?? It doesn’t seem relevant. Let the world goes in peace without trying to break it up with stupid statement. We don’t want to know about BH & we don’t care about BTS. We just support our biases & biases group without getting involved in other’s asses.

        1. Well after seeing all these comments…i feel down…not so sure its a good or bad idea..but i hope Super M gonna make it…fighting go for it….love u guys…

    2. Let me correct you, I am, Blink, Exo-L,Shawol, V.I.P, NCTzen, Army etc…, cuz i stan K pop in general and most of the K pop stans have a fav group, but they keep stanning the others bcz they like/love them. I thing it’s a big big bullshit what they’re doing rn, they are picking the best members from “the best groups” to make a a new group? like seriously, I am just thinking what the others Exo, Nct, WayV and Shinee members think about it… I stan the guys, and hope the best for them, but SM…this is not right

    3. please dont hate on us armys,not all armys are mad over this, idk why some armys are getting mad over this bc im actually hyped and worried at the same time and im an army (and a multistan) sorry for bad english

  4. Its bad for taeyong and mark since their so worked up at least give them a brake, and instead of planning on “joining the fandoms” why not create new fandoms with new groups to debut so the sm artists stan population will increase, this is a stupid move just like how bighit joined with source entertainment (they should’ve just formed new groups instead of using another company so they have something to show while bts is on a brake and when their going to serve the military)

    1. I don’t think you know what joining the fandom means. They don’t want separate fandoms. They want one big fandom full of fans who support the members and the new group.

  5. SM have a lot of rookies, why not use them to humor Capitol, i also hate the idea but i will support because i dont want their hard works to go to waste, i will support my babies in nct, they just breathed and a lot of fandom hate them when they only deserved all the love in the world.
    yall in sm and capitol better give them a banger song or else sm will be cancelled. LSM ideas lately are over the place. He wanted to do so much, he’s losing his touch, nothing lasts forever.

  6. True..SM really bad to promate them..poor my EXO.. In this way SM will never beat Big Hit with their BTS, SM so desperate…., u hv many best artis but none of them can beat big hit’S members ..manage your idol proper..

  7. I will support them because, think off how hard it must be for them too be put in another group, and already has there own group,I do think it’s very stupid of SM to do, and if my baby’s goes down with more stress and depression I’m gonna move all the way too South Korea and beat the shit out of SM!! but with all that said I will support them.

  8. Thanks SM, whenever I try to put my soooo little faith in you, you’re just come back with another act to put my faith on shame.

    But put everything aside, I hope the SuperM going well though, this to diss chinese member who left EXO-M and Suju-M before right? I love the irony that you put in it.

  9. From the group name, to the idea of word “avengers” is actually annoying. Its also has to be 7 members. SM please dont try to compete BTS with this idea. BTS is on another level. As BTS says there is no next BTS but another great artist. So please create that next great artist. And focus on those individual group EXO NCT WayV

  10. In short they should have formed by debuting new group with new trainees, new face.. not selecting members from existing group, who are already successful… and are doing everything
    successfully … I seriously don’t understand this LSM now .. I never expected.. he could do something like that… Like seriously…

    1. Rather than being alone,they need to move on too,so thats what SM did this,I think.Taemin and Kai are best friends,NCT always super fans of EXO.So why if these peoples join together why dont we support them.Many members were enlisted in EXO and SHINEE so i think other members are alone and trying work hard.Instead of sitting and waiting others they can improve with this subunit.So lets support them.

  11. I think it is a good idea. Yeah I know that it meana they may a be stressed out and I’m not saying I don’t care but I want to see what’ll become of this new group. They even said they’ll try to make us fans happy. At least take that to heart. Instead of diagreeing so harshly, try to at least understand it from their point of view and wait to see what’ll happen. And if it all goes downhill… Then you can start the “I told you so”.

    1. Also I may be wrong, but who said this was to surpass BTS? What if they just wanted to create a new group with members of other groups that are doing just fine?

  12. honestly I couldn’t care less about promotions and I’m happy for Kai, Lucas and Ten….but baekhyun, Mark, Taeyong and Taemin were or still promoting until a few weeks ago. Plus nct 127 were on tour and Haechan had to prepare for a comeback right away, but I thought the bullshit would stop there, but is SM so untill they faint, broke something or God knows what they won’t stop overworking their artist and maybe even the staff.

  13. It has nothing to do with BTS. Why’re u Armys and non-armys bringing BTS here? SuperM will be superM and BTS is always BTS. So, Armys, pls don’t make people hate BTS by saying those useless things….

  14. I think the reason why BTS is being dragged is because they are currently the big thing in the west right now. Like almost everyone knows them. SM put this super group bringing the most favorable members from the 3 groups to form one because these guys are the ones that are well known in the west.
    SM wants to take the opportunity that BTS opened for kpop to penetrate the west. So regardless of these people saying that this has nothing to do with BTS. Boy you are soooo wrong! ALL OF THIS IS LINKED TO BTS!

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