How BIGBANG Taeyang Reacted When A Fan Brought Up Seungri

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On November 10 BIGBANG Taeyang and Daesung were both discharged from the military.

Thousands of fans waited for them and welcomed them back upon their discharge.

They stood before the press to take some photos and even talked about the future of BIGBANG. Before they left, they made sure to interact with fans, they even handed out snacks since fans who came early probably didn’t have the chance to eat yet.

Taeyang interactions with fans caught the attention of many. Previously, Seungri left BIGBANG and his contract was terminated due to various controversies he was involved in earlier this year [Burning Sun]. This is the first time fans got to see the members’ reactions to fans talking about Seungri.

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One fan who was live-streaming their discharge interacted with Taeyang, the fan said, “BIGBANG is 5 members,” Taeyang replied with, “I know.” The fans also asked him a favor, “Just Tell Seungri we miss him too,” he replied with, “I’ll try my best.”

Taeyang was also seen taking a Seungri doll from a fan while T.O.P liked an Instagram post about the fan who talked about the five BIGBANG members.

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What do you think of his reaction?

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  1. I am a fans of Big Bang especially GDragon. I am not.bias towards Seungri coz he hasnt being procen guilty but if by him being there as 5 but to be the blocking blocks for other 4 members to move, I would rather see 4 of them. I dont think Seungri’s present create good image. Things he done involving woman and we in the area where Woman being protected. I hope to see GD and YB once again. I want to see what GD will bring and how he will rise once again.

  2. I think every idol in Korea left the career after scandals but i hope BigBang is the first band to go through and be again all together as 5 . Because for fans is easy to judje but their life is not a field with flowers so i dont know how they judje so easily.

    1. We hear about women being taken advantage of every day. We hear about them being sexually assaulted, sold into sex trafficking, used as prostitutes and more. Now tell me, if you saw a man who had evidence against him for some of those things i.e. providing prostitutes (which a is a horrible, inexcusable act might I remind you), what would you think? Would it be okay if it was a normal everyday man? Or are you only turning a blind eye because Seunghyun is your idol. Truly, idol or otherwise, it is NOT okay to use women this way. Women are humans too who deserve just as much respect. How could you look in the face of the victims and tell them their feelings are invalid “Because he’s Seungri who can do no wrong.” You and everyone else who refuses to acknowledge that he more than likely was in the wrong as far as this scandal goes, need a reality check. It’s not fair to those women to have to see someone walk free after experiencing what they did.

      1. Not every prostitute is being forced into that kind of work. Most aren’t being forced and from what I’ve seen get got the girls he used from a higher up brothel. Which means more than likely those girls wanted to being doing that kind of work. You can’t say that he definitely was forcing them when we don’t know that the ones that went with him wanted to or not. Yes sex trafficking is bad but not every prostitute is being trafficked and honestly most aren’t. Especially not from an actual brothel. The ones being trafficked are the ones you see with actual gangs. I myself have been trafficked and I have also been a willing prostitute. At different times. If those girls were trafficked which nothing has been stated that they were then yea fine bad guy but paying for consensual sex isn’t bad. I’m not mad at him for buying sex or stealing some money. That shouldn’t end your career.

          1. Lol who even said it was sex trafficking, plus who are yall to judge someone on what they do. This is the problem y’all are wayyy too quick to judge an idol, just because you have high standards for them

    2. I couldn’t agree more. So far they haven’t been able to prosecute Seungri for anything. Seens like the only thing they can charge him with is gambling. I don’t kniw what kind of punishment he’ll face for that. So far, it looks like Seungri is guilty of playing cool and falling in a group of reslly tacky people.

  3. It is true that Big Bang is 5. SEUNGRI did a horrible thing and has said he’s truly sorry. I believe that people can come together and enjoy Big Bang as they are meant to be a 5 Band Group. Everyone makes mistakes. They are men not boys any more. There are adults that enjoy their music also. Time to grow up and get over it. Allow him to show his country that he’s been humbled and can be a better man from this.

    1. Are u serious right now that is the biggest load of shit I have ever read. He is being accused of horrible things and u think that a sorry can fix what he is being accused of. Grow up man because a sorry is not gonna undo what he is being accused of. It’s not gonna erase it so don’t go with ur oh he said sorry so he must have changed bullshit. If someone says sorry usually they don’t mean it. Or usually they r gonna keep doing the same shit. That is what’s true that is what’s real. Sorry does nothing

  4. I am sorry I love big bang but Seungri doesn’t deserve the way you are protecting him. Either if the girls were forced or not that isnt right of him to be sex trafficking. He lied to everyone saying he didnt have anything to do with anything. How can you still protect him. He thought because he was rich and famous he would have get away with anything. Which he did all those years and lied to V.I.P’s. You must be blind to not see what is right from wrong. You are not seeing the girls that were abuse and forced to do thing they didnt want too. That just makes me sick.

  5. We believe and i believe that seungri done nothing wrong ,he is just a human being for having a mistake ..he is not a criminal ,he is not a God ..remember that there is no body perfect in this whole widw world…dont judge so fast .they still investigating..for bigbang hope that you guyz will comeback as FIVE of you Bigbang Forever and we Love you here in uae…Saranghae

  6. Seungri is being investigated for illegal gambling, he has never been charged or investigated for the crimes jjy did! Get your god damn facts, he has never harmed, drugged, raped a women he had no partake in that

  7. the majority of these comments and Seunghyun disgust me. what seungri did is unforgivable. he should be in jail. if you still support him I don’t know how you live with yourself. ESPECIALLY if you’re female

  8. Lol who even said it was sex trafficking, plus who are yall to judge someone on what they do. This is the problem y’all are wayyy too quick to judge an idol, just because you have high standards for them

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