Heechul Explains The Real Reason Why He Chose To Sit Out Of Group’s Music Show Performances

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Super Junior’s Heechul has recently made a guest appearance on SBS’s “Kim Young Chul’s Power FM,” he talked about his reasoning behind choosing not to promote with his group music shows anymore.

Super Junior has only recently made a comeback with “Lo Siento.” The group is doing well on international music charts; sadly, Heechul is missing from the group’s music shows performances.

It had been revealed earlier by SM Entertainment that Heechul won’t be participating in the group’s upcoming dance promotions due to his ankle injury that has gotten worse in recent years.

Heechul said,

“As many ‘knowing brothers’ viewers are aware, I don’t participate in any physical games. The hyungs are very nice, they tell me not to do anything that would put my body in danger and that its okay since I can talk well.

I was supposed not to do any music show program promotions starting from ‘sorry sorry,’ back then I was so touched by my members that I decided to promote with them, it ended up making my body worse this is why I decided it would be better that I don’t promote in ‘Black Suit,’ yet since many members were enlisted, I thought that it I needed to participate in the promotions. Now I think that it is better not to do it altogether if I can’t do it with all of my heart.”

Heechul then thanked Lee Soo Man (the man behind SM Entertainment) for being so considerate of him, he said,

“He asks me if my leg is okay and tells me that I need to be more careful. He also insists that I get my treatment and the rest I need.”

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