Han So Hee Reiterate Its Not Transit Love With Ryu Jun Yeol, Takes Aim At Hyeri’s Choice Of Words In New Lengthy New Instagram Post

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Actress Han So Hee has re-addressed her dating controversy with Ryu Jun Yeol and mentioned Hyeri once again in a lengthy new Instagram post

On the 29th of March, Han So Hee posted a lengthy message on her SNS, saying, “I am tired of further speculation. I have come this far in pursuit of happiness in life. After meeting various people, I realized that wasting time on appearances and age was not worth it. At the age of thirty, I met this person [Ryu Jun Yeol] while seeking the direction of my life.”

Regarding the controversy surrounding the “transit relationship,” she clarified, “The timing is exactly November 2023 at a photo exhibition (it was our first meeting).” She explained, “It is true that Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri broke up last year. They exchanged final greetings, wishing each other well and healthy, before parting ways.”

Then, she criticized his ex-girlfriend Hyeri, saying, “I wonder what was so funny [referring to Hyeri’s original post after the rumors first started] about my ex-boyfriend getting a new girlfriend after we broke up. Why do you disguise the content of your messages as if they were not for the purpose of reuniting, but rather as if they were full of lingering feelings, and attach the title of ‘transfer’ to the new relationship that took place 4 months later without saying anything?.”

The post written by Han So Hee was deleted after about 10 minutes.

Read the full SNS post!

I’m tired of further speculation. Pursuing happiness in life has brought me here. Meeting various people, I realized that wasting time due to superficial judgments was pointless. As I reached my thirties, I couldn’t consider myself young anymore, and while seeking the direction of my life, I met this person. It was precisely in November 2023 at a photo exhibition (to be exact, it was our first encounter. I will ignore unreasonable comments claiming familiarity from before. There was no contact between us officially or privately, and even my teddy bear at home was purchased via KakaoTalk Gift in 2021.)
Unlike my naive dating days, it wasn’t just about appearances anymore. I felt healthier, both physically and mentally, as this person supported me in embracing various aspects of myself. Like many relationships between men and women, I felt it was a necessary connection. Importantly, I had no intention of disrespecting his ex-partner or approaching them rudely.
It’s true that they broke up last year. They wished each other well and said their final goodbyes. (I’m writing this to clarify that it’s not about disclosing personal details of our relationship or about rebounding.) However, what was mentioned in the senior’s apology letter about meeting in November was not for the purpose of meeting again. I cannot go into detail, but it was not with the intention of reuniting.
If this is a lie, feel free to publish a rebuttal article, and please contact the senior from all directions, even if they’re unreachable.
I’m frustrated because one party involved is remaining silent. This is because there’s a concern that, due to the fear of being accused of lying and of it being a rebound relationship, I may write speculative posts, despite my emotions being irrelevant. Please understand that what I’m saying now is based on accurate facts from both sides.
I’m not taking sides, as I’m not a fool. I don’t want to create a situation where my company, my supporters, my family, or my employees suffer. That’s why I’m writing this post.
What I want to emphasize is that the breakup article was published in November, and that’s the truth. Both their company and ours are close, so let’s put aside all speculation and focus on the facts.
I don’t understand why articles claiming it’s true keep popping up, while articles suggesting it might be a rebound act as if they’re undeniable facts. It’s amusing to see the majority of negative comments coming from anonymous accounts.
Please criticize with solid evidence. Also, nowadays, I examine a lot when people stray from the topic and start criticizing my family, upbringing, appearance, and other unrelated things.
I’ve apologized. If you haven’t received it, don’t worry. I apologize to the senior’s fans for my rash behavior. Even in the future, I will address any mistakes made.
I don’t understand why it’s so amusing that an ex has a new girlfriend. I don’t want sympathy for a sentence that’s been left out, seemingly full of lingering affection, falsely attaching the label of “rebound” to a new relationship that began four months later. I didn’t write this post with the aim of seeking an apology by receiving numerous speculations and malicious comments; I’m genuinely curious.
I want to know why reporters, even when I wear a friendship ring and try to be polite on cold days at the airport, respond aggressively to me. I’m curious.
I’ll probably be criticized again for posting this, and I’ll likely be told that I’m causing trouble for my company. I know.
I’m not sure whether to explain some parts, remain silent about others, or what’s being demanded of me. So, I’m writing this post under the judgment that it’s not about maintaining silence.
I make a living from the public’s trust and love. I apologize again for my inadequate and immature handling of the situation. However, “rebound” is not the right word. It’s not based on my delusions.
So, please let me know exactly what I’ve done wrong that I haven’t apologized for.
To those who keep criticizing me without reflecting or apologizing, I also don’t want to show respect to you. Please don’t consume me, and I hope you find happiness for yourself, stop caring about me, and don’t look for me anymore.
Finally, I apologize to anyone who has been harmed by this issue recently.

Previously, on March 15, a netizen alleged they had seen Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol in Hawaii. Soon, rumors of the two dating spread wide. Both of their agencies initially said they cannot comment on the situation until it took a turn when Hyeri, who had dated Ryu Jun Yeol for nearly 7 years, issued a cryptic post saying “I find it funny/amusing” to her SNS. She also ended up unfollowing him on Instagram causing speculation over whether Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol had dated while he was still together with Hyeri.

Initially, Han So Hee issued a statement denying she’d ever be in a relationship with a taken man, however, a day later she confirmed she was indeed dating Ryu Jun Yeol via a blog post and talked about the timeline of her boyfriend and Hyeri’s breakup, leading to even more speculations and accusations.

Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency then confirmed he’s indeed dating her and promised strict legal action against malicious comments but since Han So Hee kept answering people’s questions on her blog, the situation got even more out of control. She ended up wiping her blog and deleting everything from it.

Hyeri then issued an apology for what she’d written to her SNS, she apologized for her role in this but said they had been talking and she’d been under the impression they might reconcile which made rumors swirl again.

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**editor’s note: a previous version of the article stated its a blog post, but its an Instagram post. The article has since been corrected.

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