Han Seo Hee Responds To Reports Of YG Influencing Her Testimony Regarding B.I’s Drug Case

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Looks like it’s gonna be a while before the controversy around Former iKON Member B.I unravels.

The case surrounding B.I’s alleged drug use is becoming bigger and a new name came to the scene, Miss A, who is reportedly a former YG trainee called Han Seo Hee.

In case that name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s the same trainee who was involved in the highly publicized marijuana controversy surrounding BIGBANG T.O.P. She also used to date him.

She was indicted for smoking marijuana with BIGBANG T.O.P on two occasions and accused of purchasing LSD on two separate occasions as well.

But what does she have to do with B.I?

Various news outlets reported that the person who talked to B.I about allegedly helping him purchase drugs was none other than Han Seo Hee. The kakaotalk messages were retrieved from her phone when she was arrested back in August of 2016. The police took her phone and it is assumed this was how they found the messages between her and B.I.

When the police questioned her about messages, she said that she delivered LSD in front of iKON’s dormitory back on May 3, 2016. However, that testimony changed through the 3rd round of questioning, she said he requested drugs but she had not delivered it to him.

Following these reports, the police released a vague statement refusing to acknowledge who Miss A was; they didn’t confirm or deny the reports and simply stated they cannot reveal her identity.

However, an MBC reporter investigated the matter further. Through a phone conversation the reporter asked her if she had accepted an appointment with a lawyer (affiliated by YG), she said,

“Ah. I’ll say this another time.

But it’s exactly what you think it is. Isn’t it?”

When the reporter said, ‘understood,’ she replied,

“Ask… there is no need to do that. You honestly know.

What articles are saying is true. I am going to be scolded by (Yang Hyun Suk). I really can’t say much… I am going to change my phone number.”

Check out the MBC video report below:

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YG Entertainment was accused of interfering with the investigation according to previous reports made on June 12. However, they denied this and claim they met with her to ask her to correct the testimony stating B.I didn’t test positive for drugs, so they requested her to correct her statement.

The controversial former trainee was previously sentenced to four years of probation with the possibility of a three-year prison sentence if she repeated the offense while in probation.

She was also ordered to pay a fine and the Seoul Central District Court also ordered 120 hours of drug rehab.

What do you think of this?

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