Halsey Explains Why ARMY Were Furious With The iHeart Interview And The Disrespect Towards Jin And RM

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Halsey stepped up to defend ARMY and explain why #NamjinBestDancers trended.

Halsey sat down for a 20-minute interview with iHeart Radio Elvis Duran to talk about many things including her upcoming album and surprising BTS during their interview with Elvis Duran.

During the interview, Elvis Duran talked about what’s trending on twitter and said,

“Trending today, other than me being yelled at by BTS ARMY for that question…”

In case you didn’t know, ARMY weren’t happy with Elvis Duran interview with BTS and that’s mainly because of one particular question that Elvis Duran referred to as ‘that question.’

Elvis Duran asked the crowd about who would likely mess up the dance routine, the crowd yelled RM and Jin which upset Jin who said ‘I am not wrong,’ while other BTS members stepped up to politely ask fans not to name names.

The particular clip of that interview went viral on Twitter and in turn ARMY trended #NamjinBestDancers, some criticized Elvis Duran for the insensitive question while others criticized the audience for the way they answered.

Before Elvis Duran completed his sentence Halsey interrupted him to let him know that ARMY don’t hate him, she said,

“Okay, I wanted to say something on that subject… I want you to know that it’s not you. They’re not upset with you.

I think it’s about maybe some of the other fans in the interview who had a name to say in a moment where they probably shouldn’t have… in a moment where they could have been really really supportive.

So I don’t want you to be hard on yourself. The ARMY really loves you, really loves this station…

That’s all I am saying, they’re really supportive and appreciate that you guys are supportive about their songs so I hope you don’t mind me speaking on their behalf, but it definitely not about you … there is a level of respect and gratitude that they have developed amongst each other that maybe they didn’t feel so much for a moment yesterday.”

Elvis Duran agreed and added,

“99% of the ARMY is totally happy with last night’s interview.”

He also said he is okay with little criticism.

ARMY were very happy with how well Halsey conveyed the message and how she assured the host that the fandom wasn’t upset with him.

What do you think of what she said?

You can check out the interview below:

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My Personal Thoughts

WOW! I am legit shocked by how well she explained it. I didn’t expect her to understand or be able to convey the fandom frustration this well. I am impressed.

This further proves to me that Halsey actually likes BTS because she likes them, some call her a clout chaser and it kinda annoys me that they do because she has shown on so many instances just how good of a friend she is to them.

Also, BTS are grownups. They can probably tell who wants to be friends because they want attention vs. who wants to be friends genuinely. Halsey apparently read the tweets last night and has a good level of understanding of the fandom culture.

Some might say there was an exaggeration, but to the fandom, I believe that they love the members and wish them all the best.

The way BTS built their friendship with ARMY wasn’t easy to do. She said it right, they probably wanted to feel supported and appreciated rather than their own fans pointing out who’s a bad dancer.

Also, the issue with this question or the answer is the difference between cultures. Koreans tend to go hard on themselves, sometimes wayyyy too hard.

Singing and dancing well as an idol is given and you need to do it well. Jin probably feels pressure to follow along and be just as good as the other dancers in BTS and that creates pressure because I feel that Jin wants to give his all for his fans and sometimes isn’t able to deliver the result he wants.

So his expression when fans answered that question says it all, he was probably hurt.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. I agree, I was impressed with Halsey’s answer! I love that girl more and more all the time! It really was so disappointing as a fan to hear some of ARMY calling out Jin and RM (even jokingly) when they should have been protecting and supporting them.

  2. Halesy did good, she’s our girl and she knows what’s up and we really happy she cleared up the subject with uncle Elvis.

    Also please this isn’t just about being supportive but also about the “bad dancers” stereotype that got stuck to RM and Jin, which is really unjust at this point of their career.

    They work the hardest when it comes to the cherography considering they don’t come from a place of natural affinity like Jungkook or dance background like Jimin & J-Hope and appeared stiffer and lacking confidence in their first year of debut.

    After years of hard practice and proving themselves to be able to dance complex choreography with all the others – including in a game show challenge that shown that even blindfold and without hearing, they are the last ones to mess up the moves –
    they shouldn’t have to hear this stereotype reguateted by fans.

  3. I think Hasley explained it well But the part how some of the Army’s think Hasley is using the boys for clout.I don’t think so.They r grown men&even though it’s hard to see ppl’s true colors but BTS are some guys&they arnt going to waist their time on a user or making them look bad.Also she has been through a lot just like BTS&she had some toxic ppl in her life.I think BTS makes her happy,someone to trust in a crazy industry&I think they keep her calm(idk if calm is the right world but I mean by BTS are the kind of ppl to tell her the truth&not feel like she’s around unhealthy toxic ppl&keep her in a good spot to where she won’t go through what she went through when she was around toxic ppl.if that makes any sense)Also how can u not feel loved,happy&always have laughter when ur around the boys that have 7 biggest hearts

  4. Yeah. And where you said you hate when people say Halsey is just clouting from BTS, I hate it too. Fun fact: Tae can tell when people only want things from him or the group, so he ignores them and tells Joon to ignore them as well. I think Halsey handled that so well.

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