GOT7 Mark Finally Speaks Up About His Controversy, JYP Also Release A Statement

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GOT7 Mark has been on the receiving end of malicious groundless rumors that sparked debate and interest in his dating life.

Following those rumors, Mark stepped up to apologize to fans. JYP also released a statement promising strict legal action against those rumors.

But what exactly happened? Before we talk about his apology and JYP statement let’s talk about what led to it.

[Note: don’t take this as facts, the below is to only explain why Mark apologized and why JYP released their warning statement]

A week ago, AfreecaTV BJ Yeolmae came out with a shocking claim against her ex-boyfriend and somehow Mark got involved. She alleged her ex-boyfriend former 100% member Yoo Chang Bum shared sexually footage without her consent and shared the footage to a chatroom with Jung Joon Young, Lee Jong Hyun and others. There was back and forth of cheating allegations between her and her ex-boyfriend.

She posted screenshots of the kakaotalk chatroom where the content was allegedly shared. In the screen, fans noticed someone named Mark was mentioned which led to speculations that this case is somehow connected to Mark.

In the chat, his past dating life was also allegedly brought up. The chat suggests that Mark used to date BJ Ahyoung and that he used to financially support her with monthly rent and even gave her a credit card and bought her designer items.

BJ Ahyoung expressed her discomfort at being caught in the middle of the mess created by BJ Yeolmae.

Later, former 100% member Yoo Chang Bum not only denied the accusations but also clarified that his ex-girlfriend could have mentioned Mark’s name by accident and that he has nothing to do with this matter.

The fact that Mark was caught in the middle of the fight between Yoo Chang Bum and BJ Yeolmae didn’t sit well with iGOT7s who proceeded to ask JYP to take strict legal action against those who try to harm Mark’s reputation without any solid proof.

As a result, Mark broke his silence on July 7 and wrote to the group’s fan message board, he said,

“Hello. This is Mark.

First of all, I would like to thank the fans who support and love GOT7. I also want to say I am sorry.

I am sincerely sorry for hurting fans’ hearts and disappointing you.”

He also says that he knows that fans are disappointed and he’ll try his best so such a thing never happens again. He promised to work hard not to hurt fans’ hearts.

He never truly admitted to anything or addressed his past alleged dating life; he simply kept apologizing to fans without any further explanation on what he was exactly apologizing for.

Shortly after his post, JYP posted what iGOT7s have wanted to hear. They promised to take strict legal action against the rumors that are currently damaging Mark’s image and character.

JYP says they’re collecting evidence to sue those who defamed Mark’s character based on the cyber defamation law and libel law. They also asked fans to send information to help them protect Mark and so that the fans of GOT7 won’t be harmed.

Fans finally get to breathe a sigh of relief, they were scared to see Mark’s name being associated with such serious accusations.

What do you think of this?

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    1. Why would ncts mark have any form of contact with any of those who were mentioned in actually being in the chat room,, JJY used to be at JYP

  1. its sad that idols have to apologize for things they never even did. One day i want them to stop being tolerant and someone says, “if you continue to spread runors etc. you will be sued” period point blank

    1. We all are too but that will make a huge impact to they’re career even if they try to stand up for themselves the haters will always find a way to bring them down

  2. I’m just glad jyp is willing to take legal actions,,,,so one comes after got7. If her relationship is messed up, why bring someone else into the mess!!!

  3. I as a mother went to the got7 concert on June 27th. I was happy to go with my daughter. But at the same time my daughter and I hoped and prayed that the rumor wouldn’t harm the concert in anyway. But when we got there we had fun but it was not hard not to see that the seats in there weren’t filled. I was deeply saddened about this. Ppl should depend on rumors that’s just what they r rumors. I very much hope and pray this don’t happen again. It showed me who was a true die heart fan and who werent. I pray who ever started this nasty rumor gets what they deserve. Mark and the other guy in Got7 have the right to date whom ever they want to. Their private life is just that private. I am hoping a praying they all get married and have kids without anyone saying anything. Ppl r aloud to have a lfe. We love are artist here in the U.S. and they ave had boyfriends husbands kids and we love them just the same. Kpop star r not any different then AMERICAN celebrities let them live there lives as they see fit…

    1. It is truly depressing but atleast they’re (the ones who went) came that shows no matter the rumor, scandal or problem at hand about they’re idols they’d still be there no matter what

      1. I honestly will never understand knetizens,like at all. They actually talked so much shit and made the poor guy apologize for something he didn’t do?? Smh.. These guys should move to Thailand!! They are huge there!! Just live and let live please. Keep fighting Mark.. We true aghases love you Fighting!

  4. what if it’s a different mark;-; not including Nct mark cause I love him but there’s others mark so like it dosent mean it’s mark from got7

  5. It sucks that he had to apologize when he literally had nothing to apologize for. He got caught up in a mess because 2 of his ‘friends’ broke up. Some of us knows that too well but unfortunately Mark got shitted on by k-netz and was literally on top 10 search on naver for hours because he has something valuable to lose…his fans. It’s a sad day when people care more about juicy gossip than the innocent person they are hurting. I’m glad JYP put out a statement. I can hear the Lawsuits being mailed!

  6. So he didn’t do anything wrong and this was a huge misunderstanding and ppl are still not understanding? Come on now ppl get ur shit together… Mark from Nct or Got7, idk who it was but still just bc of this they shouldn’t loose fans. I just don’t get why ppl are starting to believe such nonsense and bring them down… Mark you did nothing wrong and you didn’t have to apologize for nothing, you work hard all the time and we love you no matter what.

  7. I couldn’t believe the article when I first read… I know Mark is too kind to do all those kind of stuff matter what I’ll always SUPPORT him. The hell is wrong with these fake rumors guess they must’ve hate Mark. Is he the only person with the name MARK I guess it does not mention got7 mark in the screenshot….
    Mark must’ve feel sad by now…. I believe in him that he does nothing wrong. JYP please sue those who started to spread these fake rumors.

  8. There’s alot of people also named mark in the world or in korea why mark in GOT7? For pete’s sake we all know that lots of people can have the same name.

  9. Poor Mark…he didn’t did anything wrong! I will always support Mark..poor Mark..There is Mark in NCT too..why is only Mark from GOT7?? Stop harming Mark GOT7 plizz!! Mark even did an apologized to us when he did nothing wrong! Poor MarkStay strong Mark! IGOT7 will always support you!

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