GOT7 Mark has been on the receiving end of malicious groundless rumors that sparked debate and interest in his dating life.

Following those rumors, Mark stepped up to apologize to fans. JYP also released a statement promising strict legal action against those rumors.

But what exactly happened? Before we talk about his apology and JYP statement let’s talk about what led to it.

[Note: don’t take this as facts, the below is to only explain why Mark apologized and why JYP released their warning statement]

A week ago, AfreecaTV BJ Yeolmae came out with a shocking claim against her ex-boyfriend and somehow Mark got involved. She alleged her ex-boyfriend former 100% member Yoo Chang Bum shared sexually footage without her consent and shared the footage to a chatroom with Jung Joon Young, Lee Jong Hyun and others. There was back and forth of cheating allegations between her and her ex-boyfriend.

She posted screenshots of the kakaotalk chatroom where the content was allegedly shared. In the screen, fans noticed someone named Mark was mentioned which led to speculations that this case is somehow connected to Mark.

In the chat, his past dating life was also allegedly brought up. The chat suggests that Mark used to date BJ Ahyoung and that he used to financially support her with monthly rent and even gave her a credit card and bought her designer items.

BJ Ahyoung expressed her discomfort at being caught in the middle of the mess created by BJ Yeolmae.

Later, former 100% member Yoo Chang Bum not only denied the accusations but also clarified that his ex-girlfriend could have mentioned Mark’s name by accident and that he has nothing to do with this matter.

The fact that Mark was caught in the middle of the fight between Yoo Chang Bum and BJ Yeolmae didn’t sit well with iGOT7s who proceeded to ask JYP to take strict legal action against those who try to harm Mark’s reputation without any solid proof.

As a result, Mark broke his silence on July 7 and wrote to the group’s fan message board, he said,

“Hello. This is Mark.

First of all, I would like to thank the fans who support and love GOT7. I also want to say I am sorry.

I am sincerely sorry for hurting fans’ hearts and disappointing you.”

He also says that he knows that fans are disappointed and he’ll try his best so such a thing never happens again. He promised to work hard not to hurt fans’ hearts.

He never truly admitted to anything or addressed his past alleged dating life; he simply kept apologizing to fans without any further explanation on what he was exactly apologizing for.

Shortly after his post, JYP posted what iGOT7s have wanted to hear. They promised to take strict legal action against the rumors that are currently damaging Mark’s image and character.

JYP says they’re collecting evidence to sue those who defamed Mark’s character based on the cyber defamation law and libel law. They also asked fans to send information to help them protect Mark and so that the fans of GOT7 won’t be harmed.

Fans finally get to breathe a sigh of relief, they were scared to see Mark’s name being associated with such serious accusations.

What do you think of this?

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