Goo Hara’s Brother Begs Her To Stay Alive In Last Conversation Before Her Passing

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Goo Hara’s Brother has shared his message exchange with his sister and its breaking fans’ hearts.

On November 27, Goo Hara older Brother shared screenshots of their last kakao message exchanges and the content is truly heartbreaking.

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It reads as follows:

“Brother: I beg of you. Don’t think bad thoughts and don’t be hurt. Stay healthy and as time passes by get married and have kids, and live for a very long time…

When you’re sad, just cry it out, I know its hard to let it all out…., but I love you, my sister.

Hara: I love you too oppa, don’t worry.

Brother: I know you must be sad, my heart aches like crazy too. Eat lots of yummy food in Japan.


Brother: I’ll bring you some delicious food tomorrow.

Hara: okie.”

Fans believe this chat log is about the brother talking to Goo Hara following the death of Sulli. They’re heartbroken to see the messages.

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It was reported recently that police won’t be conducting an autopsy. You can read more about ithere.

What do you think of these messages?

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