Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Savagely And Coolly Responds To The Burning Sun Whistleblower Post

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has personally addressed the rumors created by to the original whistleblower of the Burning Sun case!

Previously, SM Entertainment responded with a brief statement to assure fans that Hyoyeon has nothing to do with the Burning Sun case and only been there to DJ.

Following SM’s statement, Hyoyeon took to her instagram to share a photo of the night she DJed at the nightclub with this caption,

“Come on~ everyone, calm down~ You think I’ve been staying quiet because I haven’t been active, but I’ve been working hard.

I greeted some people, had a few drinks with my friends who came to congratulate me on my performance as well as staff because I felt happy, I had pork belly with them and went home.

I think I saw men and women drooling on each other and hooking at the club, but I never saw an actor, actress, cats, or dogs.

I will endure you keyboard warriors only until today. I am going to punish you hard this time.

Also! I’ll delete this tomorrow, not because I am scared. Isn’t that what they said? if you don’t speak up, people think you’re a pushover.

So! Happy New Year, everyone. Have a long and healthy life.”

Fans are happy about her response and want her to sue the malicious commenters who keep trying to spread harmful rumors about this.

What are your thoughts on this?

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