Girls’ Generation Tiffany Opens Up About Sulli’s Tragic Sudden Passing

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Girls’ Generation Tiffany was interviewed for a documentary that was released about the late Sulli.

The documentary was released on September 10, Sulli’s mother was also interviewed for the documentary.

Tiffany is known for being extremely close to Sulli and was one of the unnies who took care of her when she was young. Tiffany held back her tears talking about losing Sulli, her face turned red and she said,

“When I lost Sulli after 18 years… I didn’t ask ‘why did she do this?’ I couldn’t help but ask myself, ‘why didn’t I reach out more to her?’

I am so terribly sorry that I didn’t stay around to listen to her story closely. If I could, I’d like to let her know that I am grateful that she stayed courageous, bright and positive during those difficult times.”

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You can check out the clip below:

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