Choiza Bombarded With Hateful Malicious Comments Following Sulli’s Documentary, Documentary Producer Responds

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Sulli’s ex-boyfriend Choiza has been the target of hateful terrible comments following Sulli’s documentary which aired last night.

The documentary talked to her mother and Tiffany, it provided insight on what happened with Sulli and highlighted her life in the limelight. During a portion of the documentary, Sulli’s mother talked about being against her relationship with Choiza due to their age gap (14 years) and how the relationship getting revealed deeply affected their family, more on that here.

After the documentary aired, k-netizens bombarded Choiza’s instagram with hate comments asking him to take responsibility for Sulli’s death; some even told him to die. The hate comments didn’t stop and got worse as time went by.

The hate got so bad that various Korean news outlets began covering the issue, and shortly thereafter, other k-netizens criticized the show for being biased in their reporting against Choiza.

Due to the mounting criticism against the show, the producer of the documentary released a statement explaining that she didn’t intend for this to happen,

“We didn’t mean to criticize Choiza. We included his story because he was someone who gave her strength, so we mentioned him in the documentary, we never thought that he would get hate comments in response.”

According to the producer, the mother had stated on the documentary that she’s thankful for Choiza who spent a happy time with her daughter; however, the producer claims this part was edited out due to time issues.  

On September 11, Choiza’s fellow Dynamic Duo member Gaeko expressed his frustration and anger regarding the entire issue, he screenshot the documentary viewership ratings articles and wrote,

“If this was about getting the best ratings, then I am extremely disappointed and angry.”

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My Personal Thoughts

This is a very difficult topic to navigate; this is why I haven’t spoken much about this. Personally speaking, I didn’t understand the reason behind the documentary to begin with. Sulli’s death is still fresh in our memory and it’s not easy to bring it up. I also had doubts about how the producer was planning on doing a documentary that wouldn’t cause such backlash. I wouldn’t be able to do it.

If you guys recall, back when it happened, Choiza had to turn off his instagram comment section because he was getting so much hate it was unbearable. I remember reading comments by netizens who told him to kill himself.

We at this site know this for a fact so I don’t understand how the producer could not have known that many netizens were already trying to shift blame. The topic of her dating was going to be brought up but the way it was brought up led to the issue we have right now.

I don’t think it’s the best idea to lash out on Choiza, by the end of the day; they were both consenting adults when they dated. We will never know what truly went on behind the scenes, and even with what the mother said in the documentary, there is still so much we don’t know.

But sending the man hate asking him to die or blaming him for the decision Sulli made is just terrible. Everyone was preaching to be nice but then they go on his instagram writing the same type of terrible comments Sulli struggled with. I am truly upset but I can’t say I didn’t see this coming miles away.

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