(G)I-DLE Minnie Shows Off The Cutest New Gift From Her BFF BLACKPINK Lisa

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(G)I-DLE Minnie and BLACKPINK Lisa are known for being especially close; they’re part of one of the most famous idol-friends groups that also includes CLC Sorn. Fans have seen them interact a lot in the past and even attend concerts of other idols together.

Recently, (G)I-DLE Minnie held a V Live broadcast and showed off her phone from the back, the phone had a cute smiley face on the back of it, Minnie introduced it saying “This Griptok…”

Minnie explained that Lisa had gifted her the cute smiley face, the design of it totally compliments the pink case and is also helpful. Minnie had a big smile on her face while talking about it.

Check out clip below:

Recently, Minnie, Lisa, Sorn and Elkie appeared in Sorn’s vlog, they had a meal together, you can check out the full story here.

Can we get more Minnie and Lisa interactions please?

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