f(x) Luna Worries Fans With Her Recent Social Media Post

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f(x) Luna has a lot on her mind and she spoke up about it in a recent social media post.

On May 14, she shared an image of an audio file on her desktop with the caption,

“I am in a really bad mood today…

Why do I get hurt and have a hard time…

The people who use me, two-faced people…

Don’t talk behind my back, say it in front of my face

It’s really so hard…

I am sick of getting hurt by people

I want to quickly release my album…”


Fans wondered if she was referring to her label, she signed with an agency named Humap Contents after leaving SM Entertainment last September.

She later added a video to her Instagram stories which offers a preview of her song, she captioned,

“My friend, my dongsang, that I miss.”

What do you think she meant?

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