“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji Ah (Freezia) Called Out For Wearing Fake Designer Brands, Issues Handwritten Apology Letter

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“Single’s Inferno” and rising star Song Ji Ah (also known as Freezia) has found herself under fire for what she wore.

Recently, some netizens noticed that Freezia was wearing fake designer oufits [such as Dior and Chanel] in “Single’s Inferno.” Soon, many began to criticize her for that, some netizens argue she’s been trying to pretend to be ‘rich’ while wearing fake designer clothes. However, fans soon came to her defense saying Freezia has never claimed she was born rich and that such a thing shouldn’t be controversial, to begin with.

As the issue heated, many media outlets began to cover the story. Freezia has gained massive popularity following her appearance in the hit Netflix show “Single’s Inferno.”

On January 17, Freezia posted a handwritten apology letter to her Instagram, the letter was also translated into English, here is what she wrote,

“Hello. This is Song Ji-ah.
First of all, I sincerely apologize to everyone who was disappointed and hurt because of me.
Currently, there is controversy about some of the clothes worn on SNS and solo hell. The counterfeit controversy you pointed out is partly true. I’m really sorry.
We apologize once again for all the circumstances that have occurred due to infringing on designers’ creations and ignorance of copyrights.
As someone who has a dream of launching a brand
We will seriously recognize and reflect on the controversial areas.
In the future, we will study more carefully so that this does not happen.
All content exposed to drought has been deleted. I also apologize to the brands that have been hurt because of me.
I sincerely apologize to everyone, including fans, subscribers, and brand officials, who have been hurt because of me, and I will live with more responsibility in the future.
Thanks for reading this long post.”

What do you think of this?

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