Former Kpop Idol Reveals The Shocking Dangerous Reason Why She Quit The Industry And Her Group

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Former Brave Girls member, Yejin recently uploaded a video that has become a hot issue.

Yejin uploaded a YouTube video explaining the real reason behind her departure from her group. The video was titled, “The Reason Why I Quit Being a Girl Group Member.”

She revealed that it was because of many reasons, such as money, health, having no popularity and more. However, she explained the reason that triggered her to finally say that she was done.

She started her video by confessing that she was the first one of her members to say she wanted to quit.

She says that various reasons played into this, the trigger was how her manager behaved. Yejin revealed that there were many times she felt that her life was in danger because of the manager.

“We had a road manager who just started. On a rainy day while I was sitting next to him in the passenger seat, he was playing a phone game while driving.”

She was so shocked by how reckless his behavior was, she recorded him and showed it to her family, her family contacted the agency and asked them to take better care of their daughter, to their surprise the agency told them to mind their own business,

“Don’t tell us what to do. This is none of your business.”

That wasn’t the only time the manager drove this recklessly, on one night back from a schedule in a faraway place, she saw the manager put his leg on the dashboard while driving, she says he was basically lying down whilst driving them.

Yejin added that according to her information the manager who used to do this has left; she says she’s speaking from her own experience and added,

“I hope that no more singers are harmed because of managers like him.”

Due to that, Yejin’s parents told her to quit for her own safety. She included video and photo footage from the actual incidents, you can check out the video below:

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Yejin debuted as part of Brave Girls in 2011 and quit in 2013.

After the news was reported by various Korean news outlets, many netizens voiced their frustration with how recklessly idols well-being is being handled by their companies, many heavily criticized Brave Girls label for how poorly they paid attention to their idols safety.

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