Luhan Reportedly Married His Chinese Actress Girlfriend Guan Xiaotong Of Five Years, Guan Xiaotong’s Father Strongly Denies

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It was reported that Luhan has married a Chinese actress who is nicknamed “national sister” after dating.

According to Chinese media outlets, EXO and actress Guan Xiaotong recently completed their marriage registration.

It is reported that the two quietly became a legal couple and are living together five years after they started dating publicly in October 2017.

Guan Xiaotong once expressed her intention to marry him at the age of 25. This year, Guan Xiaotong turned 25. Luhan and his girlfriend were rumored to have postponed their wedding to next year due to COVID-19.

However, later that day, Guan Xiaotong’s father came out with a statement to strongly deny the rumors. He said, “This is ridiculous fake news. How can it be true?” He said if they had gotten married they would not have done it so quietly, especially with such a joyous occasion. He also denied other rumors of a dowry price set so high as reported by some media outlets.

Luhan, who debuted as a member of EXO, has moved to China after filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. He’s since been active in China as a singer and actor.

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note: a previous version of this article stated it was Luhan’s father who denied the news, this is wrong and has since been corrected

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