Former AOA Member Mina Admits To The Cheating Controversy + Announces Breakup With Her Boyfriend, But Denies The AOA Bullying Didn’t Occur

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Former AOA Member Mina has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate because of the recent accusations against her and her response to them.

In response to the hate, backlash and skepticism she’s made multiple posts, we’ll go over the gist of all of them.

It hasn’t even been a month since Mina personally revealed she’s dating. She’s revealed this on June 26 with a photo with her then-boyfriend [hereafter Mr. Yoo].

However, shortly after, someone on an online community site claimed the man in the photo was actually the boyfriend of her close friend (hereafter referred to as A) and that Mr. Yoo had cheated on A with Mina, and that Mina was aware he’s dating.

This unleashed a long back and forth between Mina, A, and netizens. It ended today with Mina admitting to the cheating controversy, stating she’s broken up with him and revisiting the AOA bullying controversy.

The post accusing Mr. Yoo and Mina of cheating explained Mr. Yoo had been dating A for three years before Mina contacted him on Instagram DMs first. Mr. Yoo was in a public relationship with A and had shared many photos of them together, many of which were up on Instagram on the day Mina shared the photo with him. In one screenshot shared by that friend, Mina even mentions how good the former couple looked together [that message was sent on June 10].

Initially, Mina responded aggressively to the news claiming that while she knew he was dating, he’d broken up with A. However, that was debunked by the friend who showed that Yoo had actually not broken up with A but instead lied about going to hang out with friends from the military. When A saw that he was in the same photo with Mina, she contacted him and he’s responded with, “I’m sorry for hurting you up until the end,” and then cut off all contact with her.

Netizens were harsh in their comments addressing the issue, it continued to grow even more and Mina asserted she was innocent, continued denying the accusations and promised legal action against malicious commenters.

She even claimed A’s father had contacted her with death threats and called her a “prostitute” and a “slut.”

A debunked that with a personal response to clarify her father had contacted Yoo and only asked him to take down posts about his daughter from his profile. He’d never even mentioned Mina or made death threats or called her names.

A also revealed screenshots talking to Mina, Mina responded coldly to her when confronted, Mina said, ‘he’s dating me after breaking up,’ A asked her about their photos were then still up on his Instagram page, A asserted that they’ve broken up after she saw their photo and articles about it. She ended with,

“Please tell Yoo to stop calling me. I don’t know why I have to be harassed more when I’m the victim.”

This led to immense backlash against Mina, and some netizens began to question her motives and excessive social media posts and edits. She’s been caught editing her posts after uploading them [posts about bullying and controversies]. Some began to wonder whether the bullying had even happened with AOA.

Amid all of this, on July 3, a group of AOA fans released a statement claiming the bullying never happened. Stating they’ve never agreed that Jimin bullied Mina and attempted to counter claims Mina made. The group says while Jimin had left AOA, she never personally actually admitted to bullying Mina.

On July 4, Mina posted a statement on Instagram to admit to the cheating controversy, the statement is very long and in it, she explains her side of the story.

She begins by saying when Yoo said he’d broken up with A, she believed him. She thought that since they broke up,

“even if I hadn’t done anything to be proud of, it wasn’t cheating.”

Later, she learned the truth from Yoo and was able to think about things from A’s perspective. She said,

“It’s true that both Mr. Yoo and I cheated. I’m truly sorry to the ex-girlfriend and her acquaintances, who must have been hurt because of me.”

She also retracted her claim that A’s father called her horrible names or even sent death threats,

“I wasn’t saying that I’d heard those words from her father, but was just writing various things I’d heard here and there.”

She said she bows her head in apology for A and for causing her pain, she’s no longer dating Yoo. However, she addressed the bullying at the end of the statement, she denies she’s ever lied about that,

“Why do so many people mention it..That statement is a mess..It has absolutely nothing to do with this case and I don’t want to mention it. Please don’t try to make me a perpetrator with false facts. In the case of Shin Ji Min, I am a huge victim..”

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