FNC Respects Choa’s Decision To Leave AOA By Confirming Her Departure From The Group

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FNC Entertainment has finally gave an update on Choa’s status in AOA.

Back on the 22nd of June, the AOA leader posted a lengthy letter to Instagram saying that she’s leaving the group due to depression and insomnia.

A short while after her statement FNC released another statement contradicting what Choa said.

On the 30th of June, FNC finally confirmed the news of Choa leaving AOA. They released a statement confirming her exit from the group stating that they’d like to respect her decision.

FNC then proceeded to say:

 “The remaining members will meet with fans through indivisual activities. We ask for fans continuous love and support.”

Despite her withdrawal from the group, the singer didn’t cancel her fan signing event which was held yesterday on the 1st of July.

We wish Choa the best of luck with her treatment!

My Reaction

Well… thank God FNC let go, it would’ve been rude not to.

The girl is obviously suffering from depression and insomnia and as she said she was not getting better, this is the best decision for all parties.

But I am a bit worried with the statement they released for the rest of the members. What do they mean by individual activities? Does this mean the group is disbanding? What is going to happen?

I don’t think they’ll disband right away, but I am sure the group will suffer because of the withdrawal of its main vocalist. Now its up to Korean people, it depends on how will they react to this news and how will they react to an AOA comeback.

I wish the members the best, I have seen lots of groups who disband shortly after their main member leaves or quits for some reason, and I have also seen some good cases (like Highlight) which continued to succeed despite losing a member. It really depends on a variety of things.

Best of luck to all the members of AOA!

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