Fantagio Entertainment Refutes Connection With The Chinese Restaurant Alleged To Be The Secret Base Of Chinese Police

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Entertainment agency Fantagio announced that it had nothing to do with the Chinese restaurant that was pointed out as a base for the Chinese secret police.

Fantagio said to News1 on December 29th, “The current management took over Fantagio after clearing up all Chinese investments and related parties.”

They continued, “As Fantagio received investment from China, there was an external Chinese director in the past, but CEO Park Hae Sun was appointed and the invested capital was disposed of.”

It was reported that the actual owner of the Chinese restaurant, which was previously pointed out as a base for the Chinese secret police, is a Chinese national and runs the media group HG Culture Media. In addition, the fact that Mr. B, who worked at HG Culture Media, was listed as an external director of Fantagio in the past was also known, raising suspicions that Fantagio had a connection with a Chinese restaurant. 

Fantagio started as NOA Entertainment in 2008 and changed its name to Fantagio Co., Ltd. in 2014. In 2016, JC Capital of China took over, and at that time, a Chinese person was named co-CEO. In 2020, Fantagio was changed to CEO Park Hae Sun while liquidating Chinese capital and is currently operating under a system of co-CEOs Park Jong Jin and Shin Young Jin.


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