Famous Kpop Boy Group Member Accused Of Ignoring Neighbor’s Pleas To Stop Making Noises

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A Famous Kpop Boy Group Member has been accused by their neighbor of making noise and ignoring their complaints.

On March 10, a netizen (hereafter named A) uploaded a post to an online community, the post titled ‘exposing the noise complaint between floors among current idol group member.’

A accused the famous idol of creating noises day and night after moving in upstairs about a few weeks ago. A says, ‘I tried to resolve it but it didn’t work out so I am asking for advice.’

A says they’ve held back their complaints at first because they thought children lived upstairs but the noise became louder and louder. A says they eventually decided to ask their management office and sent an email to the idol’s agency but are yet to receive a reply back from the agency.

A says they know he’s an idol with his own private life which is why they tried to resolve it without confronting him but it didn’t work. A says the male idol is from a famous boy group who has a lot of overseas fans, A added, ‘I wanted to reveal it right away but he’s from a famous group. If this continues, I have no choice but to reveal it.’

Netizens have shared mixed reactions to the post, some think the idol is in the wrong for it and should apologize and stop making noise, while others believe A should have attempted to reach out to the idol privately and resolve it without resorting to posting it on the internet.

What do you think of this?

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