EXO Chen To Debut As A Soloist

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EXO Chen will debut a soloist, SM Entertainment confirmed in a statement.

On March 8, it was reported that the powerful vocalist is gearing up for his solo debut with the aim for a release in April.

SM Entertainment responded to those reports confirming Chen’s upcoming solo debut, however, unlike what was previously reported, the debut date has not been set to April, SM stated,

“The exact schedule will be announced once its confirmed.”

It was previously reported that Kai was preparing for his solo debut. Back in December of 2018, Kai was a guest on radio broadcast “Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show.”

Back then he was asked about a possible solo debut, Kai shocked his fans revealing that he had been working on his solo debut, however when asked about a possible timeline, Kai said,

“It’s a secret.”

Who’s excited about Chen’s solo debut?

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My Personal Thoughts

With all honesty I wouldn’t have had it any other way, Chen is the perfect choice, SM did well.

When I first heard about Kai’s potential solo release I was confused because I know Kai is an excellent dancer but not the best vocalist in his group. I wondered why he’d be debut before as a soloist in South Korea out of all the other EXO members, but at the same time I understood why SM might want to push for Kai’s solo debut first, he’s hella popular and his dancing is no joke.

To me, Chen had always been the obvious choice for a solo, he can stand on his own because of his powerful vocals, he can also dance pretty well and has good stage presence.

EXO has some of my favorite young idol vocalists; Kyungsoo and Baekhyun have amazing voices as well. I always thought Chen was underrated and I am happy he’ll finally get the spotlight he deserves 8 years after his debut.


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  1. Excuse me, But Lay is also a member of EXO and he was the first one to debut as a soloist in 2016, please change the tittle. Don’t forget Lay is also a EXO member

  2. I’m in love with D.O.’s voice. I really hope he does soon. “Tell me what is love” that D.O. sings on a YouTube video I watch, I could listen to it all day every day. His voice is so amazing. I really love Chanyeols too though.

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