E’Dawn Apologizes To Fans And His Group Members After Revealing He’s Dating HyunA

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E’Dawn has finally spoken up about the dating news involving him and his Triple H member HyunA.

The two went public with their relationship on August 3rd through statements to Yonhap News, they clarified,

“We wanted to honestly tell fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing on stage.”

E’Dawn spoke in more details about his decision and why he felt sorry for his fellow Pentagon members with Yonhap news, he said,

“Although it might not be the case, I believe that I will be happy if I revealed everything honestly.”

He also revealed that his fellow members knew well of his girlfriend HyunA, he said,

“I thought that it might affect the group so I had told them in advance. I felt so sorry for the fans but I will repay with my hard work and great promotions.”

HyunA has also thanked fans and apologized to them through an Instagram post saying,

“I really wanted to be honest. As always, for the fans that always cheered and watched over me, I want to stand on stage and do well like I always do. Simply saying thank you and I love you doesn’t do it, but I have no other way of expressing myself.”

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  1. Why do people have to apologize for loving each other? Because they are celebrities? Sometimes, fans and non fans feel to entitled towards the life of these celebrities. Notice “PEOPLE” they are people just like you. They are blessed with talent or work hard to develop it and they choose to share it with the world. Just because you are paying, does not mean they need to always show you what is going on. You pay for their craft and they DECIDE to let you on their PRIVATE LIFE by once again sharing information that to be honest they should never reveal, because people are so critical, jealous and mean ; yet they do. You should feel grateful, that they see you as more then a ticket number. Seriously, People there are more important stuff going on in the world. The Fact that someone’s lip, wardrobe, dating life, are news, nowadays baffle me so much.Sigh. where are we heading as a society? So sad… Personally, they should not apologize but I guess one has to play the money game.They should have just announced that they are getting married. You guys would have flipped then.

  2. He does not need to apology’s if they love each other then Let them by them self stupid fans that are mad because they love each other even if they are not dating fans he never going to date you if you are a true fan let him be happy

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