Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Announces Marriage To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

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Dynamic Duo’s Choiza is getting married!

On February 17, the rapper took to his Instagram to share the happy news with fans.

Here is what he wrote,

Hello, this is Choiza.
As the winter, which was so cold, has passed, and the faint spring atmosphere is felt, I opened this memo to deliver good news to all those who love and cherish me.
I don’t know if it’s because it’s comfortable or because it’s familiar, but I’ve been walking alone for a very long time and believed I would continue to do so. However, I met someone who stopped me from wandering aimlessly. She is a charming woman with a pure smile I naturally met through the introduction of a close acquaintance.
She is unpretentious and, when we’re together, provides a cozy sense of stability, like an old friend.
Now we plan to walk together towards a new goal of a harmonious family. The timing seems to be around July this year, and we will continue to hold hands and love each other, and enjoy life like now.
Thank you for reading my long, disorganized message until the end. Please give us lots of support for the future we will start anew. I love you.
February 2023, together with a pure smile, Choiza.

Congratulations to Choiza and his fiance!

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