Did Meghan Trainor Just Diss BTS And The Whole Kpop Fandom Combined?

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Everything was going well, I was drinking coke and eating ice cream cake, working on “Great Seducer” review, while checking twitter, an article popped up and yet again another international artist claimed his love for BTS.

It was Meghan Trainor, so at first I was like ‘cool, okay,’ then I read the interview and almost flipped the table. What she said left me wondering was she just being fun and talking about her love for Kpop or was she just love key dissing the entire Kpop community.

I decided to write an article ranting, again (sorry y’all!)

In a recent interview, Meghan Trainor sat down with Metro.co.uk and talked about her ‘love’ for Kpop and BTS, about BTS she said,

“BTS – I guess if you had to pick a fave they do very well. They’re the One Direction of K-pop. I’m down for working with them! You think I’m not down? I’m down! ‘BTS hit me up!”

So at first I was like ‘what the actual hell? no army would compare BTS to 1D!!’

But I gave her the benefit of doubt, she could be really a huge fan and she’s trying to tell the audience that BTS is huge enough in Kpop by comparing them to 1D. That was until I read the rest of the interview, that I seriously hated what she said. She admitted she used to write for Kpop and said,

“I used to write for K-Pop! All my songs were so cheesy and poppy that they were like ‘Rihanna won’t like this but K-Pop will love it!”

Wait…. what? did she just say ‘cheesy and poppy?’ give me a torch, lets march towards USA y’all.

While covering BTS news on this blog, I often felt that more than 70% of those who said they were fans to BTS were only riding the wave, they want more likes and shares and retweets, but this has gone too far.

Someone might actually believe that Meghan Trainor doesn’t sing poppy and cheesy annoying songs, I almost chocked when I read that line.

As expected, army were not so happy with what she said, the Kpop community was also less than thrilled, at least if you’re going to claim you like something at least search it up before you do so…

Here are some of my favorite Kpop and BTS fans comments regarding her recent interview,

‘Lel I hate how these Western celebrities are obviously using BTS as a mediaplay to get more followers.’

‘One Direction of KPOP?

Never compare a group with another group..

BTS is BTS..

1D is 1D..

If she truly fans of BTS, she wouldn’t compare them…’

‘So many people calling themselves a “Kpop fan” and cant name a single artist/group outside of BTS and “that Gangnam Style guy”’

what do you guys think of what she said?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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