Daesung And Taeyang Are All Smiles In Recently Released Military Photos

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On March 16, photos of BIGBANG Daesung and Taeyang circulated the web.

The two were spotted joining a certain event in the military. Fans noticed the two had gained weight and look healthy while serving.

Fans have been curious about how BIGBANG members were doing following the recent serious issues and scandals surrounding Seungri that spread online through news outlets and led to an official police investigation.

Check out the photos below:

All of BIGBANG members are set to be released before 2019 ends; T.O.P is the first to be released.

Fans are also curious about the group’s plans following the departure of Seungri from the agency and his retirement from the entertainment industry. Some believe the group will continue as four, while others argue the group might not carry on without their maknae.

What do you think will happen?

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