Bulgarian TV Show Under Fire For Making Fun Of Kpop Idols And For Being Xenophobic

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A Bulgarian TV Show called Kato dve Kapki voda is under fire from various Kpop fans after one of their contestants impersonated BTS’s Jimin while its two hosts made disrespectful and inappropriate comments towards him.

The show whole premise revolves around challenging celebrities to transform to other celebrities from other parts of the world within three months.

One fan brought up ARMY’s attention to this issue after a recent episode of the show aired in which a contestant dressed up as Jimin, fans noted that the two host were being very disrespectful with their comments about Kpop and Korean people in general, fans are calling them xenophobic, uneducated and disrespectful, they referencing the Japanese flag when talking about Korea and criticized idols for looking too “feminine.”

One fan translated the most recent clips of the show and posted it on twitter, have a look below:

After fans did some digging, it turns out that this isn’t their first time doing this; they previously impersonated CL, made fun of PSY and were also seen using blackface to impersonate people of color.

ARMY mass-emailed this to Big hit in hopes of seeing them take legal actions about the racist disrespectful comments they made about BTS on the show.

What are your thoughts on such behavior?

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