BTS V Just Single-Handedly Destroyed Taekook Shippers With This Comment

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BTS V is one savage idol and fans are loving it!

On November 19 (KST), BTS V took to weverse to talk to fans. He wants to sleep but can’t figure out a way so he asked ARMY to help him out. Soon, many left comments with their own recommendations.

“I want to sleep, does anyone know how~~”

However, one particular fan left a comment that got a hilarious response from BTS V.

The fan wrote,

“Me! looking at pictures of Jungkook oppa whom you love!”

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Shippers is a popular term among Kpop fans, it means that fans of a certain group actually ship members of the same group together wishing they would end up together or actually be together. BTS V seems to agree, like the majority of BTS fans, that shippers are delusional, he replied with,

“Come out of your imagination now, it’s not good (there).”

His comment generated hilarious responses from ARMY, many of them agreeing that shipping BTS members with each other is not a normal thing. It seems that V is also aware of this shipping culture and he made himself clear that he doesn’t like it.

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What do you think of his response? What do you think of shippers?

Note: this article has been edited to correct translation error.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. que bueno eso no debe de cambiar nudstra forma de pensar pues Tae en esa situacion fue incomoda para el ya que es muy reservado y no quedar mal con la empresa. Apoyar a Taehyung en todo momento y evitar que lo traten de mala manera por esa respuesta. Yo tambien soy Taekook shipper pero comprendo la situacion de Tae es decepcionante para mi pero igual lo amo y apoyarlo en su carrera es lo principal. NUNCA VOY A DEJAR DE SER TAEKOOK SHIPPER eh. I purple You

  2. I think V do not like to stay with jungkook now and it is really really very bad.. He should not write like “com out of your imagination, it is not good (there)” rather he can simply say that “it is not i love him but you know that he is my very good friend or something like that”

    1. Yeah trueee…Im sadly cant accept that fact…Maybe they just have a little misunderstanding or anything….U know why?…Tae is not like that anymore

        1. Honestly, shipping is fine in private, among friends and fellow army’s or whatever but to the idols themselves, it’s pretty insensitive. The Namjin chant, for example. It’s no secret they were pissed off. I’m glad tae came out the way he did. He’s human and has all the right to make stuff about himself clear.

    2. if he’s not serious when the whole shipping him with men OR ANYBODY when we clearly don’t know his sexuality that is a BIG matter and a very serious one too so when things like this happened and he’s not serious and don’t put a quick end to it that’s when it won’t be taken seriously so i personally think that he did a great job at handling the situation.

      1. Well he just replied to her that come out of your imagination where she was saying that she looks at kook’s photo before sleeping…
        Why are you peoples making a big deal of it saying v don’t love kook anymore and bla bl….
        They are a family . You can’t expect him to reply to that fan that
        “Yeah ! You are right I will look at kook s pic whom I love
        Of course he loves him thay all are together for 6 years
        Are you all really that immature…???
        Just trolling v for his comment….
        I didn’t expect ‘this’ from armys …..Seriously I am very disappointed at army now….

  3. It would have been nice if it was the way we wanted but let’s not forget it’s their life so people mind your business and don’t bother rif they say no iteans no.

  4. I guess it’s a bit weird to ship them with their bros but in the other hand I kinda find it cute coz damn taekook shipper here gals so whatever the boys wants and what they dislikes, let’s just support and respect them co-crackhead armys hehe

    1. I think V should not give this kind of rude answer I know no one will agree with this but I respect each and every BTS member’s personal life but he can say it in a little pleasant way like I’m Jungkook’s fan so if any other JK fan will read this ofcourse he/she will get hurt because we all know that JK and V are very good friends and to be very frank if JK reads it himself he will get hurt himself see I don’t want to make any argument or anything like that but seriously he shouldn’t say it like that

  5. V’s comment is such a hurtful thing to us TAEKOOK SHIPPERS…We armys/Taekook shippers do love bts shipping no matter what!!…We will not gonna give up and still support TAEKOOK no matter happened!!…Its our own life and i knew that they also have ey own life and own privacy!!…But pls let us do this, cause we’ve shipped them all the time!!…..and we also armys taking wars in social media just to prove that TAEKOOK is the BEST and not the other FEMALE/MALE SHIPPING….We armys stands up as their wifes!!..We knew that it is funny to hear but we DONT CARE!!! We LOVE bTS no matter what!!! And we will stand as their wife, till our breath goes away!!…So remember…TAEKOOK is still the BEST❤❤

    1. That’s so…. wrong. You’re ideas, your thoughts, your love, it’s not right. I can’t tell you how an ARMY is supposed to be, but I know one thing for sure: an ARMY respects the boys’ thoughts. And you have NO RIGHT AT ALL over their lives. Do what you will in private with your own community, but don’t ever dare post your shipping stuff on official posts by BigHit and the boys. It may be stressful and harmful for them. If you’re a real ARMY and love BTS (as you say you do) you would put the boys’ mental state before your own petty wishes of them to date, when it’s not even YOUR LIFE.

    2. Maybe look at ur self. U are so funny. But you do not understand a simple situation. BTS wants a army who can understand them and support. Not a fan who doesn’t how other people feel. You are such a baby because of someone like you, others say that kpop is a gay. They are brothers, We are their parents who guide and make the way for their success you can’t be called A.R.M.Y, You are just a fan and thinking of your own happiness.

    3. TaekookONLY, you have a mental disease and need to see a doctor! Stop ruining society with your psychological disorder and insanity. BTS will NEVER date you, look at you or even talk to you. Because THEY DON”T KNOW YOU. You are just a total stranger, and a really bad one who obsess like a stalker. What crazy person think that they are BTS’s wife???!!!! You are a total stranger and not even a good person! You are not ever going to be normal if you don’t realize you are being a lunatic. BTS are just normal human beings with talents – that is all. They are not gods. They are not perfect. They are just people who have talents. They have freedom to date whoever and marry whoever. These guys are straight and they will marry girls and it WILL BE SELFISH AND PERVERT shippers. Stop disrespecting them and any other human beings. Look at how ugly you are inside your mind and heart, and repent to God. I hope you can change.

      Western fans really need to wake up from the lunatic and disgusting shipping culture now. It is not often stars would speak up. They only do when things are reaching a point where they are deeply offended, feel abused and disrespected. Is it so hard to understand why? There are literally sexual images made about each member with their friends. You sick girls try to lie and tell everyone BTS is gay because you think somehow, like this lunatic shipper, that by doing so you can keep BTS to yourselves and your fantasy. BUT YOU CANNOT. They are people with human rights. Stop abusing them. What you guys are doing is PUBLIC SEXUAL HARRASSMENT and BULLYING against BTS members. Anyone who keeps on shipping Taekook or any BTS members should be ashamed and NOT regarded as real fans. They are perverts and very selfish. End of story. Grow up and get a life.

      1. Not all fans are like this. I’m a vkook shipper but respect what he wants. I’m still going read fanfics because I like the storyline and plot. I will do inside jokes on ships but I’m not going to say it publicly. Some of these shippers are obsessed. But I’m a real fan.

    4. y cant people just accept the fact like cmon imagine being shipped with ur friend ;-; he finds it uncomfortable and u should know.. stop what makes em feel sad- that’s what a real army would do..

    5. Wow…I wish I didn’t see this article on my feed in 2022, but this comment fully describes the extremity of the TAEKOOK cult, which I personally think is an irrelevant, separated subcategory from the actual ARMY Fandom. Whoever
      operates this “TaekookONLY” account is clearly young and isn’t thinking for themselves. Like, who are you to determine the sexuality of not one, but two grown ass men? Especially with that comment about banning male/female ships, um okay??? I don’t like shipping BTS members because I really just view their relationships as brotherly and nothing more. I mean seriously, of course they’re going to be close and display intimacy!! They’ve known each other for 10+ years!! These nut bars get their so called voices and opinions from ridulous TAEKOOK YouTube accounts who analyze “moments” between Taehyung and Jungkook and who post videos regularly gushing over their “husbandy” relationship. For me it just sounds like people want two brothers or two close friends to make out and get married. And honey, stop justifying your shipping tendencies just because you “Love BTS.” This has nothing to do with the members or their music or their personalities. It’s all about you and others focusing on two good-looking people and pushing them together. Your comment was borderline disrespectful and I continue to be disgusted with the whole shipping culture. Respect each and every member and their decisions and comments regarding THEIR lives.

  6. V is a type of person who speak what on his mind. He is just being honest of what he think. Let’s give them space & respect what they say or feel.

  7. I see in the comments Taekook shippers making ridiculous claims that they believe in “Taekook no matter what” V has already said that he doesn’t like it what’s do hard to understand about that?!! If you’re a real ARMY you would respect his opinion in this matter and stop shipping. And don’t give me that shit that it’s better than female/male. Don’t you realize that V feels hella uncomfortable about this? They’ve said it countless times that they don’t like this and you guys still keep doing it, I mean where’s the respect for him left?!!! V and all the other members see each other as brothers!!! If you were an idol would you like getting shipped with your brother? Or father? I mean why not you guys are so close!! YOU WILL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE,RIGHT?!! And gross?!!! That’s what all the other members are feeling rn(not sure about the gross part but I’m sure they feel uncomfortable) WAKE UP!!! KPOP IDOLS ARE HUMANS TOO!!! I don’t jump into your life and ship you with your teacher or your bff’s!!

    1. I agree with you 100%. More people need to speak up like you. All the shippers are selfish and crazy. They need to stop this sick behavior. They sexualize the members and call them gay when everyone know they are not. They even make adult fanfics about them. Not only do they hurt BTS’s dignity and image. They also mislead younger kids to have dirty minds like them. To be honest, I have more respect for strippers than these kpop shippers. At least strippers are not doing anything to anyone against their will or hurting the reputation of unwilling parties. Shippers use Kpop stars as toys for their sick fantasy and spread all kinds of rumors about innocent people against their will when in fact they have never even met any BTS member. The only word that can describe them is trashy. I don’t know why they are so vicious. But every real fan need to speak up against this sick culture. And real fans also need to let everyone know we DON”T SHIP the members together. MOST FANS ARE NOT SHIPPERS. PERIOD. Shippers just keep lying to themselves and others saying fans are shippers. It’s completely FALSE information. Real fans appreciate BTS for their talent and performances. Pervert girls ship attractive men with the same sex when they are not gay. Shippers are NOT FANS.

  8. TaekookOLNY I’m sorry but are you serious???!!! No one is telling you to stop shipping them. But Tae said it very clearly and is not the first time, that he doesn’t like telling hin directly. I don’t know how you concept it but for me fighting to show the others that Taekook is the best its like ughh idk a HUGE lose of time which you can do smth better with your life. I ship taekook too since tae is my bias and jk my bias wrecker but I ship them as friends and bros just like they want us to ship them. Not that I want them to d0 each other. Since they haven’t said nothing about their sexuality I’ll keep shipping them like this. BUT if the come out I will support them and yes ship them as in a love relationship.
    So pls can we just accept his thoughts and let’s not make him sad.

  9. I love V, JK and BTS members. I actually have never thought of shipping teahyung and jungkook ‘that way’ i ship them as best friends not lovers!! Like for real GUYS GET OUT OF YOUR IMAGINATION!!! I love you ARMY, you guys are like my family BUT i also love BTS i don’t want them to get sad or angry about the misunderstanding and thoughts or these ships. I ship a lot like sope (jhope and suga) but as i said not as lovers! But as friends. They have been friends for nearly like 10 years and even themselves said that now we are closer to each other than our real family!! We ARE FAMILY. As V said, please get out of your imagination cuz at the you and also BTS will get hurt.

  10. Hey everybody, it could mean something else too. I guess v oppa is being too protective of jk oppa and he doesn’t want people to dream about his man. He tells her to come out of her imagination but doesn’t deny her comment that ” the guy whom u like” . Whatever I ship Taekook forever and it’s my suggestion that you all see through the lines.

    1. That’s just messed up. Please stop. 🙁 Respect others wishes, especially if it’s someone you truly respect; V shouldn’t have to specify what he meant, because it should be obvious that he don’t like it.-_-

    2. Chaaya,

      You are crazy and a liar. V is telling you straight that you have to come out your delusion. That means you lie to other people and yourself. Stop making up more lies to cover what is already exposed. Stop being a total jerk and hurting BTS. You need to see a mental doctor. What you are doing is slander and it is punishable by law.

    3. V clearly says you are imagining things, and now you accuse him of lying? Real fans will not believer liars, but V. Please stop spreading delusional lies and get a life.

  11. I’m so glad that Taehyung actually spoke about this because it is getting so ridiculous that taekook fans are posting on official BigHit and boys’ posts. Do it you will in your own private community but it’s not OK to come out on official media because it also affects the boys his mental state.

  12. Dear V,

    I’m 73 not a fan. I am Cherokee and live a monk life. It was wonderful to see you and jungkook give one another caring and love. Even if it was not the truth many can see what respect and love can be. Jk is a pure spirit. Please let him know Jimmie can cause him pain hurt his creativity. Jimmie has big problem if one watches as I have over many years. I pray you will be safe and be able to love someone sincerely. JK is a good loving person, but he can be hurt by others and live short life. Mediate 45 min everyday. You will begin to see clearly the truth and those not true. I’m a painter from NYC . It is sad you are not gay. I forget you have money. I have nothing but a single room. Yet good spirits have helped me stay alive when I could have died. Just to breathe is enough. Love and light to you.

    1. ‘It is sad you are not gay’ ?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!????!?!
      Okay WTF. Why do you say that? First of all you don’t know if he is or not. And second even if he’s not why do you say that? Its like saying its sad that sm is straight. I absolutely have nothing with homos and I respect them and their choices. But idk that’s how I understand what you wrote.

      1. Sara BTS members have often said that Jimin is the one who provides them with support and comfortable they have problems. Who are you to say that he will cause hurt to his members. How/why would he hurt his creativity when he is one of the biggest cheerleaders for his members and friends? I dontvknow what you have been watching but ibdontbthink you’ve been watching with an open heart. I am also a senior so I. say this with respect but you are only seeing clips of their public lives. I have spoken to many K-ARMY who say that we have no clue how kind and humble they ALL are.

    2. This is clearly a troll, one of those 14 year old delulu taekooks who believe they are together and they hate Jimin for trying to get between them.. which is stupid because they aren’t together.. none of them are. And Jimin is like the most caring member of BTS? How is he hurting anyone when everyone says he’s the one they go to for comfort? He’s Taehyung’s best friend? It’s funny how taekooks love to insult Jimin when they would be the first ones to defend him. And honestly? Get a life, taekook is dead, bye.

      1. Taekook was never alive in the first place lmaoaoao
        all these delusional taekook shippers should come out of their imagination cuz it aint going the right way

  13. I agree with Taehyung because we are not really certain of his sexuality and moreover you can’t just intervene in someone’s personal space. I am sure that even all the members feel uncomfortable when they are shipped. Also, the videos and pictures of them all show how close they are like brothers it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are dating or are a couple. As armies we should respect their privacy and not make them feel uncomfortable . How would you feel if you were shipped with someone ? I am sure you would get sick of it and say the exact same thing back. Been delusional is a very big problem so shippers you need to stop.

    1. I totally agree with you… I’m an high schooler and mostly get those comments about shipping the members from my schoolmates… I just tell them to pit themselves on their shoes.. if you were them and you see shipping comments or pictures about you and your close friend… how would you feel… Please understand BTS!!! They are humans too!!

  14. I can’t believe how people just keep posting wrong translations and interpretations. Firstly, the girl didn’t tell him to look at JK’s pics. In response to Tae’s question of how to fall asleep, she said, “me! I’m looking at pictures of Jungkook oppa who is loved by Taehyung oppa” and when Tae replied was “come out of your imagination, it’s not good,” he literally meant to tell her to not be too imaginative with the pics.

    To begin with, she wasn’t talking about ships. She simply implied that Tae loves Jungkook which he obviously does (in case some of you are forgetting, they are in the same group, they are close to each other and they have all the rights to love each other as brothers and bestfriends) Also, Tae loves all of the members, so he would never deny it.

    Tae himself has told Jungkook that he loves him countless times (obviously not necessarily in a romantic way, it could be just as brothers or bestfriends or whatever) so when this fan just said the same here, his response had nothing to do with ships.

    I personally find this whole situation somewhat funny. The way everyone’s making a fuss about it without even having understood what happened properly just cracks me up! XD

    1. Tae knows millions of girls look at BTS’ pics (many of their own merch) before dreamtime, THAT’S not his worry, it was her inference that (the translation IS correct”), when she said “I look at pics of JK, who YOU love”, can u imagine another male celeb receiving that, it was an obvious, not very subtle “ship” attempt & it must have made him cringe..He doesn’t mind “TaeKook” friendship, but this…He could have skipped over the question, but decided to address it bcuz it obviously bothered him..He’s a pretty honest guy, but shippers still won’t accept his answer..
      He’d said he could see himself at 40, w/a beautiful wife next to him, who scolds him as he throws sesame sticks at birds…That’s a pretty specific, wonderful dream..Just cuz the whole maknae line are very cute & look/act goofy/loving/cute together, people are entranced so they MUST be together in ANY combination?!..The worst part is all 3 get hated on for FANMADE shipsfor coming “between” their fav. ship & cause sick, spiteful, hating fanwars, so much for “real” loving fans, all over peopke’s IMAGINATIONS/WISHFUL THINKIBG..Sorry, it’s just so against the loving msg tgat BTS is trying to spread, globally

  15. I’m an Army of 3 years now and not once have I considered shipping, I personally dislike it and here’s why. BTS haven’t disclosed their sexual orientation officially with army’s and that is totally okay, it is their choice after all and it would be better kept private anyway. Shipping is disgusting because to me it’s like looking at a member in bts and saying you are gay despite what you choose I say you are gay when we as army’s don’t have that right, you can’t force a love down their throat that doesn’t exist unless they disclose it. I respect whatever Bts’s wishes are when it comes to love, whom they decide to love is their private affair and shipping them with their fellow members whom they have grown up with and see as brothers and family it’s just so wrong. Bts members most definitely would dislike a sexual orientation being shoved at them because I would and from their Army’s as well… We need to do better army’s in supporting the boys and not our own selfish wishes. Thank you for reading my comment, I hope it doesn’t offend you

  16. Shipping needs to STOP, PERIOD. Real fans are not shippers. We like BTS for their talent and performance, which is what their job is. They are performers, not your gods, your fairies, your future husbands or your saviors. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, THE ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND NOT YOUR TOYS. Selfish people with dirty minds need to leave BTS alone. If you want to be a pervert, be one by yourself and stop ruinining BTS’s reputation and stop spreading lunacy and lies about the boys. As an ASIAN WOMAN who knows many Koreans and very much the way Korean boys behave, I can tell you FOR A FACT BTS is NOT gay whatsoever. Not one member is. They are just normal guys who have talents and perhaps better looks. Shippers need to stop fabricating lies for money and likes on their accounts and channels to attract pervert teens. There is a lot of money involved on Utube where channels create these misleading videos with slowed clips and romantic music to confuse young people. And then fanfics sites chip in on this and get popularity. But they truth is a lot of money is made by these channels and everyone has their selfish purpose. BTS is being abused by shippers and I have seen it again and again. Real fans need to put your foot down and reveal the truth and no longer accept these behaviors. I have seen little kids get tricked into believing them and fall into adult fanfics. THIS IS NOT OKAY!!! Say no to shipping if you are a real fan.

    1. i think bts can date anyone they want if taehyung date jungkook i’m fine with that if any of member dates different idol group or common people i’m fine with that also as i respect their opinions but well this comment or respond of tae is not about ship between jk or v so it’s free for them i will accept them whoever they date cause i’m their fan i’m an ARMY well actually i ship taekook in my thoughts it’s not like i’m forcing them to date

    2. i think you should not on this way as i’m also taekook shippers but still i will support them if they date some other idol or common people as i respect their opinions

    3. I agree with Tracy because I am an Asian too. They have been together for so many years. This kind of relationship is just like a family bond. They are brothers. Some fans don’t see it because idols aren’t allowed to get into relationships when they are still under contract with their company. So along the years, people who are blinded by media take this side to consider them as gays. What the heck. You need to widen up your mind people. I believe when the time comes, they will find their true love and at that time, you can say what kind of person they are. Whatever it will be, let them decide first, not you who just in your on imagination and want they turn it into reality.

  17. Real fans do not ship members. PERIOD.
    V has spoken up and more members probably will if you shippers continue to harass them and make misleading videos and fanfics about them. As Asian person who has many Korean friends, I can tell just from experience none of BTS members are gay. Only western people cannot tell, especially the young fangirls who have no clue about Korean culture. Please stop making up horrible lies about total strangers who have not met you. Stop wasting your life and hurting BTS members because you are selfish. Those here who say V is lying or wrong: you guys are the one lying. V is honest.

  18. Thank you, Tae for saying what many of us wish we could have said! You all are kind enough to share your lives with us and show us how much fun you guys have together. I hope you are not offended by some of these misguided remarks.


  19. I am 14 and I have an undeniable love for taehyung for which I can actually feel his pain or embarrassment when he got shipped with kookie because of course one would feel bad when he/she would get shipped with his/her best friend! At least I would.And Army’s! Please stop being a baby and understand his world too which is far more serious than our delusional minds.P.sWe are not called Army for no reason!Be proud of it! Pps. It’s completely fine if you ship someone but again everything has its own limit.

  20. First – I believe Tae was kidding the girl about her imagination – I’m sure he wasn’t expecting the answer she gave, so it took him by surprise. He in NO WAY said anything to end taekook, since NONE of BTS minded the term, and they definitely supported “taekook” if there is such a thing. Did anyone see Tae and JK at the 5th Muster in Busan & Seoul this past June? What about their display (during 3 shows!) of red and blue threads that are used by couples that are planning to be married or are married–the threads are usually used during a wedding ceremony. I know that South Korea does not allow same sex marriages, but there are other places in the world where they could have been married. And, they DO seem like they are a married couple. I guess you could say I am sort of a taekook shipper at age 67, because they (and Big Hit) have given us nothing but clues to make us think they are involved in a romantic way at the least. Big Hit was hiding their possible relationship but now are gradually showing more and more of them together, especially since October 23 and during Run BTS episodes 89 and 90 where they were very touchy and seemed very happy that they could now show some of their affection. I would definitely support their relationship and so should ALL ARMYs if we really care about them. This is a different world today in which, gradually, people are seeing that you can’t help who you fall in love with–it just happens and is meant to be. You try to fight those feelings, but you end up destroying your life because you can’t accept how or why you feel this love. I know a man that was gay, but denied his feelings and married a girl. He tried to accept his decision, but could not–so, he committed suicide because he didn’t want to hurt his wife any longer. How sad! It is none of our business who ANYONE ends up dating and spending time with or the rest of their life with, especially those we care about, including BTS!

    1. Omg seriously I think I’m going to lose all my braincells reading these comments. People please, I’m a 578 year old army and I can tell you.. STOP BEING GROSS, STOP SHIPPING THEM, THEY ARE ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS. And honestly if you think they are together for those stupid things then what about jikook? They are married with five kids, two dogs and a cat? Like, none of them are together but at least they act more “couply” than taekook.
      I’m seriously worried about y’all, you don’t seem to have very good friends if you can’t realize all their relationships are entirely platonic. THEY. ARE. BROTHERS.

  21. I am a hardcore TaeKook shipper myself and I did hope for them to maybe one day end up together but I never tried to force anything, I was just shipping in my little corner. I respect his decision however I will still ship them together but I won’t comment Taekook or stuff like that fan did, if I was here I would tell him to go play video games with Jimin or Jungkook or maybe both because I know he has an extremely close relationship with those two but I wouldn’t tell him to look at Jungkooks photo… that is just weird!!!

  22. We don’t force kook or tae to make taekook come real. We just ship them based on their interactions. If they are just best friends and nothing else we would still be happy for them. So stop saying that shippers are not real armys. We love them very much too.

  23. I’m taekook shipper and OK with it cause I’m just happy with their relationship and their strong chemistry…..and just honest that most of the armys have their own fav ship…..just to be honest here…..why there are people be like this ohh taekook is over…like what…obviously they ‘love’ each other as a family, brothers and whatsoever….it’s likelike they are happy to say that to bts relationship…… First of all it’s not even about ships….he doesn’t even talk about ship….and it’s not even on taekook acc….he just don’t want armys to become so fanatic about them…it’s not good to be like that….ships was never be the topic….and taekook also was the most popular ship of bts l…it’s not weird if so many people actually ship them together and it’s not all about couple things….it’s just the chemistry they have together… Thank you

  24. I am a quiet shipper. I have my preferences but that is because I shamefully say that I am a fujoshi and truly can’t help it sometimes, but I never go out of the way to put the real people that I quietly ship on the spot. It’ll make them uncomfortable and that’s more saddening if you make them uncomfortable than having your ship shut down

  25. soo ya’ll actually meaning that taehyung dislikes/hates jungkook??! the fan used the word ‘sarang’ which means simply love. and tae has said that word to jungkook several times himself.
    so all of you are like tae denied the fan for using a common phrase used my all kinds of kpop and like he hates jungkook. AND if tae hates shipping then why ‘fanservise’?? it will make lot more ppl ship them and that’s why clearly i can say that it is NOT fanservise. and by that u can check all kinds of videos posted after tae dropped the reply

    1. No lmao, they mean that Tae ended ‘delulus’ who think they’re romantically involved, cause they’re not. He obviously loves Jungkook, like he loves all the other members.

    1. Good question, however, you know non-shippers, and those who ship other people will stick to that. If he meant it that way, why was the post taken down from Weverse? People just looked at the statement but didn’t stop to think that V was probably giving the girl advice, not to daydream about someone she will never have.

    1. And that doesn’t mean they’re not brothers lmao, because they’re like brothers. V and Jungkook has said tons of times that they see each other as brothers, get out of your delusion

  26. Agreed. Taehyung ended Taekook shippers
    Its so clear that he thinks of Jungkook as his brother. They have a precious brotherly bond, It reminds me of my brother who I used to live but now because of studies he’s abroad. I don’t know why these delulu taekook shippers force their imaginations on them 🙁 I hope someday they will appreciate Taehyung and Jungkook as Individual talented artists, rather than puppets of their imagination.

  27. I’m not quite sure how I feel about this. If shipping makes them uncomfortable you shouldn’t do it but if you do continue I feel like you shouldn’t do it in a direct way or in a way that you know they can see cause that’s disrespectful toward their wishes. Much like how people agree that calling jin mom and things like that are disrespectful because it makes him uncomfortable you should do your best to makes sure that Taehyung and Jungkook are comfortable as well and if that means that you have to give up your ship you should. Me personally I was a former shipper but after reading this and knowing that he wishes for it to stop I will stop cause I feel like it just disrespectful to ignore his wishes so blatantly.

  28. these people in the comments are really annoying they said themselves that they do not like it at all and it makes them uncomfortable. They are like brothers, not lovers

  29. I am here in 2021 – For sure V said that. However, did the Reporter who says that he is responsible stop to ask himself what V actually meant? First of since all of you made an assumption of what V said I too will make my assumptions. They are as follows;
    – V could have meant that lady, please get a boyfriend so that you don’t have to leave in dreamland.
    – V could have meant don’t waste your time because JK is already taken.
    – V never mentioned anything about shipping.
    – V Didn’t deny that he didn’t love JK.
    – Fact of the matter is many girls fantasize about the boys’ so maybe V was telling her don’t do that it is not healthy.
    I have made these assumptions, however, V did not clarify what he meant so all those saying that V and JK are uncomfortable with each other it is you people who are spreading rumours that are not verified. The post was even taken down from Weverse as soon as it was realised that it had been taken out of context.
    -Most important all Idols benefit from shipping because they still gain fans and exposure. Ask yourselves if shipping were to be dangerous, why has BH or HYBE never come out to give a statement about it?

    Please may we all take time to see different angles to what is written before we set it in stone.

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