BTS Suga Personally Addresses Rumors Of BTS Disbandment And Why It Puzzled Him

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BTS Suga has personally expressed his thoughts about rumors of BTS‘s disbandment, at length.

It was when BTS said that they had to physically take a break from group activities. However, contrary to the intention of the members, the story of the group’s disbandment was misinterpreted and circulated. It was a frustrating situation where it was difficult to explain clearly even if it was a misunderstanding.

Recently, a video clip of the third episode of “SuchWiTa” was posted on the YouTube channel Bangtan TV. In the released video, BIGBANG Taeyang and Suga met to talk about Taeyang’s newly released duet song “Vibe” with BTS member Jimin.

Suga wanted to meet Taeyang for a long time. He carefully confessed the concerns that he kept to himself. Among them, there was one mentioning his group BTS. Taeyang is now a soloist, but he is someone who is always ready to move for his group BIGBANG.

Suga, who sympathized with Taeyang’s idea, talked about the ‘rumor of disbandment of BTS’. Last year, BTS broadcasted a video for the fans. The members said that it would be hard to work as a team for the time being. This was directly announced by the members even before the agency’s official announcement.

It must have been done due to their consideration of the fans. It was also to make it clear that it was only a break (comma), not the end (period). However, their explanation was misinterpreted. The members’ words that they would focus on individual activities rather than team activities soon led to rumors of group disbandment.

Suga worried about the situation at the time, saying, “We’re still active, so why the world is telling us to stop?”

The members will join the army sequentially. Currently, the group’s eldest member Jin is serving in the military.

What they chose to do to maintain their teamwork with fans was their individual activities. In fact, after the members’ presentation, they are concentrating on their individual activities. Jin, RM, and J-Hope have released solo songs and are participating in various activities.

Other members also showed individual activities. Although BTS has no regrets about the entire group’s activities, fans are satisfied with their respective appearances.

In the end, last year’s “disbandment theory” was nothing more than speculation and excessive concern. BTS is a huge group that attracts attention not only at home but also abroad. Not doing group activities does not mean that individual members have nothing to offer.

The military service of BTS has already begun with Jin. However, through various contents, the members are active. It is relatively difficult to feel the space of BTS. There are also achievements through individual activities. Members who have already released solo songs are recognized for their musicality. Group activities are only a break for the time being, not a stop. Expectations for BTS working as a complete group are also rising in the future.

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