BTS Jungkook’s Classy Response To A Hateful Comment Gains Attention

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BTS Jungkook recently encountered a hate comment and his reaction to it has fans talking about how kind he is.

On March 30, BTS Jungkook held an Instagram Q&A session, he communicated with fans and answered their questions. Many screenshots from that session gained attention online but the one that got the most attention was that of a hate comment.

Jungkook ended up receiving a hateful comment during the session, his Q&A question read, ‘what should I do now? Are you curious about anything?’ That netizen responded with, ‘you bored? Eat dog poop.’

Jungkook responded with an audio message, he said,

“Isn’t that a bit harsh? If you squish choco pies together, it kind of looks like that..”

Netizens praised Jungkook for his sensible adorable response, they’re surprised he’s even acknowledged the hateful comment and at the same time, many are sad because they know he must have received many similar malicious comments from haters.

What do you think of this?

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