BTS Jimin Explains Why Releasing His First Solo Album “FACE” Feels Different, How He Worked On The Album And More

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BTS Jimin, who has released his first solo album “FACE” has shared his thoughts on how he worked on it, tracks on his album and more.

On the morning of March 24, Jimin released a video introducing the album and songs ahead of the release of his first solo album “FACE” through his agency Big Hit Music.

Like the title of the album, which means “face” and “coming face-to-face,” the new album “FACE” shows various aspects in this solo album, while expressing varied emotions where he fully looks back on the past.

The album includes “Set Me Free Pt.2,” which was pre-released on March 17, the title song “Like Crazy,” “Face-off” in the genre of Trap Soul, “Interlude: Dive,” and “Alone” in the genre of a pop ballad.

In the video, Jimin said,

I’ve released my self-composed song and OST before, but I’m nervous because it’s my first solo album. I’m excited about how you’ll receive it because it’s an album I worked hard on. And another keyword would be ‘Resonance’ which means to resonate and echo.

He described the “FACE” album through several keywords. He explained,

First of all, ‘FACE’ was a new challenge, and I prepared for it because I wanted to show you what are the many expected and unexpected new aspects of BTS Jimin.

This album also became a ‘FACE’ since I had time to face myself completely through this album. Another keyword is ‘resonance’, which means resonance and echo. This album was made especially while looking at what’s inside me, so I thought wouldn’t a deep echo make a ripple? And it also emphasizes that my album can only be conveyed with my voice only.

It’s my first solo album, and it feels definitely different from when I released a solo song or a self-composed song on the BTS album.
Please look forward to it a lot since there are many things that I feel for the first time. I’ll work hard.”

Jimin also introduced the tracks. He shared,

In the track ‘Alone’ I melted lonely feelings as it’s a song made when I was working in the pandemic for the past two years. I had a slow period at the time, and it was particularly hard to immerse and express my feelings at that time. Fortunately, I think I got the feeling I  wanted to convey with it, so please listen to it.”

Regarding the pre-released “Set Me Free Part 2,” he said with a smile,

It’s a hip-hop genre, and it’s very grand from the start. I’ve tried rapping once this time, but it’s a new challenge, so I think it’ll be a fun point to appreciate it. Especially since it’s a song that I feel attached to so please enjoy it.”

Regarding the title song “Like Crazy,” he explained,

It’s a song for enjoyment because the melody is easy and cheerful. I was inspired by the movie “Like Crazy,” and I sang it with my emotions to convey the sorrow of the song in the lyrics.”

He also revealed about the performance,

There will be a performance that many people expect from me. I tried to prepare for the performance not only for ‘Like Crazy’ but also for ‘Set Me Free Part 2’. You will be able to see what you have seen from me, so please try to compare and find it.”

Jimin picked “ARMY” as the last keyword and said,

I hope ARMY enjoys “FACE,” and I’m not sure if you can relate to it, but I hope it’ll be a meaningful album. I’m planning various activities and showing you performances and content that I worked hard on music shows.”

Finally, Jimin said,

It’s my first solo album, so I’m nervous and eager to introduce it by myself. I think this is another beginning of me as a musician and singer. I worked hard on Jimin’s first solo ‘FACE’ so I hope it’ll be an album that I can share with many people.”

Meanwhile, Jimin’s “FACE” has been released on March 24.

Have you listened to his album “FACE” yet?

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