BTS J-Hope Reveals His First Tattoo As Part Of The Group’s Friendship Tattoos

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BTS J-Hope has finally unveiled his first ever tattoo, the group friendship they agreed to get recently.

Back in April, BTS V talked about getting tattoos with his bandmates very soon, while he didn’t specify when exactly, fans loved the idea. Later, it was revealed that Suga personally suggested the idea and the rest of the members loved his suggestion.

A couple of days back, RM shared photos of his first tattoo. He’s gotten the number 7 on his right inner ankle.

On June 15, BTS J-Hope took to Instagram to share his tattoo. He got the number 7 right above his ankle. He referenced the group’s recent comeback “Yet to Come” in the caption of the photos.

Alongside the photo of his tattoo, J-hope also shared behind-the-scenes photos from the shooting for “Yet to Come.”

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