BTOB And Apink Show Off Their Adorable Longtime Friendship In Recent Photos Together

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BTOB and Apink‘s longtime friendship is still going strong!

On February 25, Apink’s Hayoung took to Instagram to share pictures of her and her fellow Apink members with BTOB, the caption reads “BTOPINK’s ‘Dilemma’ and ‘The Song’”, they both can also be seen holding each other’s signed albums.

Hayoung also shared a picture BTOB’s signed album with a message written on it, “To Apink sunbae! Don’t leave it in the car, don’t use it as a raman stand, if you want to throw it away, just give it back… Congratulations on your comeback, let’s always be healthy and happy.”

In 2012, BTOB debuted under Cube Entertainment, while in 2011, Apink debuted under A Cube Entertainment (A Cube Entertainment was an independent label of Cube Entertainment). And since Apink used to train at Cube Entertainment, they developed a close friendship with BTOB.

Kakao Entertainment later acquired A Cube Entertainment, it went through some name changes but after merging it with Cre.ker Entertainment, it is now known as IST Entertainment.

BTOB and Apink have recently performed at the music bank, hence the backstage photos they have taken together. BTOB is promoting their third full-length album “Be Together” and its title track “The song,” while Apink is promoting their new special album “HORN” and its title track “Dilemma.”

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