[BREAKING] SM Confirms Red Velvet Irene Is The Idol Who Mistreated A Stylist, Revealed To Have Apologized

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SM Entertainment has released a statement to confirm the recent rumors regarding Red Velvet Irene.

On October 21, a stylist who’s been working in the industry for more than 15 years took to their Instagram account to share firsthand how they were mistreated by a popular female idol who had threw a tantrum and was verbally abusive. They stated the idol’s harsh words hurt them and made them feel humiliated reducing them to tears. The stylist tagged #psycho and #monster leading fans to believe it has to be a Red Velvet member and either Seulgi or Irene. The post has since been deleted.

The rumors then began to grow out of control with more people in the industry jumping to the defense of the stylist talking about the said idol tantrums and attitude on set.

On October 22, SM Entertainment confirmed that the idol in question is indeed Irene; they issued an announcement to reveal that Irene has met the stylist in person and apologized to them for her actions.

Here is their statement,

“This is SM Entertainment.

We would like to comment about the article that was posted about Irene by a stylist.

Irene has met the stylist in person this afternoon to sincerely apologize for the pain she caused due to her careless attitude and emotional outbursts and actions.

We are very sorry for causing people concern with her immature image.

We also feel responsible for this and will not forget the hard work that the staff has to put in for the company and the artist. We will make sure such a thing never happens again for everyone we work with.

Once again, we would like to apologize for causing concern to many people.”

Fans had been defending Irene earlier today and are extremely shocked by the turn of events. Irene has also issued an apology via her instagram. Stay tuned for updates.

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    1. ??? There’s so many wrong things with your post…

      1. Where did you get that info from? The stylist? The one who preferred to attack online instead of trying to reach out said person or her company first? The one who, very suspiciously if you ask me, had a recorder ready?
      Days have passed from your comment -and I hope you managed to read- about the incredible amount of people who have stood up for her, showing that is NOT her usual behaviour. Ofc people who have worked with her from 1-6 years would know better than someone who only met with her 2 days.
      Also, as the stylist has said herself, they’ve met before around 2016 and surprise surprise! She even posted about being sorry of not being warmer to her -due to the contents of the interview-. This was the second time she met her and all of a sudden she has always been this way? :/

      2. She already apologized in private and in public. The stylist has accepted the apology. It’s not your place to accept it or not.
      Ofc it’s not okay to hurt anyone, but it’s human. If you are expecting idols to be gods and goddesses then Idk what to tell you.

      3. The stylist preferred to vent out on social media instead of approaching her or her company for an apology first.
      No, what happened was not okay but if she truly wanted to solve it she should have reached out to her or sm, not use her status as a celebrity to attack her on the internet. She didn’t really care about an apology in first place. She cared about posting on Instagram about it first.

      1.check your sources
      2.HUMAN WHO APOLOGIZED; not a goddess
      3.stylist decided it this way

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