Brave Brothers Cleared Of The Forgery And Embezzlement Charges Pressed By Samuel Kim, Samuel Kim Says It Not Over

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Brave Brothers has been cleared of forgery and embezzlement charges after police investigation.

Recently, police revealed they’ve decided not to pursue charges of forgery and embezzlement of private documents against Brave Brothers. This is in response to months of investigations into *Brave Brothers and Brave Entertainment. Police cited they were unable to find sufficient evidence to prove the accusations.

But why did this happen?

This happened after Samuel Kim filed a lawsuit against the agency in May of 2019. He wanted to dissolve his contract and the trial is still ongoing. In his suit, he claimed that the trust between him and his agency was compromised citing wrongful performance contracts and settlement-related issues. During their legal battle, he filed a separate criminal complaint against Brave Brothers, claiming the producer and CEO had forged private documents and embezzled funds.

The agency claims they didn’t treat him unfairly and in retaliation filed a lawsuit in May of 2020 against Samuel Kim for damages in the amount of 1 billion Won ($882,729.39).

In a separate statement to the press, Samuel Kim expressed his surprise at the news, he said,

“I find it regretful that despite providing evidence related to the above charges and requested an investigation while cooperating with the police as much as possible, the results were described as such.”

Samuel Kim also added that despite the police decision not to forward this to the prosecution, this isn’t the end of this incident for him, he’ll appeal this decision and also request a re-investigation.

He also explained his decision to file the separate criminal charges stating that during his lawsuit to nullify his contract, he discovered the agency had attempted to conceal facts from him and hid the truth. He ended his statement by bringing up the lawsuit against him that was filed by the agency,

“Brave Entertainment has requested that I; who was a minor at the time; to pay 1 billion won in damages, a figure that is clearly not supported by evidence, they publicly asserted that while they had done nothing wrong, I had filed the lawsuit with a malicious intent thus confusing the public with false facts and ruining my image.”

His lawsuit to nullify his contract is still ongoing.

Brave Brothers is the stage name for Kang Dongchul, CEO of Brave Entertainment.

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