Blockberry Creative Announces Indefinite Postponement Of LOONA’s Comeback Citing Controversies In Relation To Former Member Chuu

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Blockberry Creative has announced the indefinite postponement of LOONA’s comeback.

On December 22, Blockberry Creative made an official statement where they announced the postponement of LOONA’s comeback because of many misunderstandings and speculations surrounding the former member Chuu, addressing the speculations while sharing their struggles and journey as a small agency and asking for continuous support for LOONA.

Check out the full statement of Blockberry Creative regarding the postponement of LOONA’s comeback below:

“Hello, we’re Blockberry Creative. First of all, we would like to apologize for causing a lot of concern to LOONA fans about various things surrounding our company. We also deeply apologize for the fatigue we have caused the public watching this.

As a result of listening to Orbit (LOONA’s fandom) and many others, we decided that comeback activities were meaningless when various concerns about the members’ situation have not been resolved.

Therefore, LOONA’s The Origin Album [0], which was scheduled to be released on January 3, 2023, which 11 members worked hard to prepare, we decided to postpone indefinitely.

In addition, we would like to explain a series of problems to Orbit and many people who support LOONA as follows.

LOONA is a project that we worked on for a long time. Because it was a long-term and big project so it required a lot of investment and money compared to a typical idol group, and the ostensible results did not often come out as we tried to create.
Since LOONA was planned and formed, we as a small agency needed endless costs that are not easy to handle, but of course, we overcame this, believing that it is up to the agency that has to cover the cost of pre-investment.

In addition, there are many misunderstandings and speculations regarding the settlement amount of Chuu, but as a result, we have always felt sorry for the members of LOONA, who have not gained profits for a long time.

From the beginning, the success of LOONA was an impossible task to achieve with the investment and effort of the agency without a promise to reach the break-even point and the trust and sacrifice of the members who believed in and followed us.
It was a reckless attempt by a small agency, but this year, six years after starting the first debut project with the efforts and wait of the members who trusted our company, we were finally discovering the light of hope.

It would be great if all the members of LOONA were imprinted as one name to the public, but due to the nature of the multi-member girl group, it was inevitable for us to support the members who gained recognition from the public first.
All the members wanted to go together with one will, but unfortunately, contrary to our expectations, the change in the attitude of the former member (Chuu) began.

As a result, we also agreed to change the contract for the future at the risk of pre-investment and tried to protect all members of LOONA in any way, but as everyone knows, we reached an unfortunate conclusion.

Regardless of the success or failure of the series of attempts made by a small agency, we are proud that the challenge alone marked a milestone in the history of K-pop.
Of course, the whole series of problems stems from our company’s lack and we are responsible, but we can’t stop trying to protect LOONA and achieve our dreams together.

Also, we know very well that dreams can come true only when many people, including Orbit, are with us.
We will create an environment where all of our fans can cheer for LOONA with happy hearts. Once again, we would like to apologize and ask you to support the dreams and future of LOONA, which is still valid.
Thank you.”

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