BLACKPINK Lisa On The Receiving End Of Some Nasty Hurtful Comments By Some Netizens

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BLACKPINK Lisa has made a lot of buzz with her appearance last night at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards; it was the first day of the two night ceremony which celebrated 2018 music.

It was the first BLACKPINK appearance following the dating news of Jennie and Kai, while all eyes were on Jennie, Lisa ended up making headlines in South Korea as well, with the choice of outfit she wore.

She showed off her beautiful shoulders in Celine SS19 dress. She looked amazing and BLINKs were full of praise for her during the ceremony. However, the same cant be said about some netizens who had some very hurtful things to say to Lisa.

On the Korean website News Nate, a photo of Lisa at the red carpet event of the 33rd Golden Disc Awards was published. The comment section in that article was pretty infuriating to look at.

According to Netizens Buzz which provided translations to some of the comments, here are what netizens are saying:

  1. [+777, -128] With make up on, she totally looks like a Russian elf.. but with darker hair and no makeup, she looks like any average Thai woman…
  2. [+583, -47] Lisa has mannequin proportions
  3. [+505, -17] Wow, she must be all bones in real life. But you definitely have to be thin to look good on camera.
  4. [+42, -10] She honestly shouldn’t have gone on ‘Real Men’…
  5. [+28, -5] The amazing power of Korean make up style…
  6. [+27, -4] Did you guys see her pre-surgery?
  7. [+26, -4] She looked so different in the army
  8. [+17, -2] She must’ve been wearing socks in the car ㅋㅋ the imprint on her ankles

BLINKs were pretty furious after reading those comments so much so that they trended a hashtag demanding netizens to show respect to Lisa who gave her all to become an idol in South Korea.

On twitter, BLINKs have gathered their efforts to protect Lisa, sharing stories of her success and how she beat a lot of other applicants for a spot in YG and BLACKPINK.

Others have shared photos of her and expressed their disappointment that following the backlash Jennie’s been getting, its become Lisa’s turn.

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  1. LISA DESERVE TO BE HAPPY..she came to Korea because she wants to reach her dream..there’s no one who can say her to go back to country..she is a human and people should respect her! Can u imagine it their haters,,if u in her place,,u will feel the same right? So plss their haters,,RESPECT EVERY PERSON! U should be glad that LISA LOVES YOU EVEN IF U HATE HER!! DO FROM NOW ON THEIRS HATERS,,PLSS RESPECT HER,LOVE HER .MGBU

    Thank you to ur parents because of ur existence in this world that always bring happiness to those who around u,,to those who will stay in ur life..u r pretty,,kind,,loving..u should be loved..forget about what people say behind u..thats their life ..u should straight forward..I know that u r strong, so plss FIGHTINGG!! If haters still hate u,,just say ‘SO WHAT’ ..Just love them ..Lisa,,remember that u r shining star in my life ..thank u n i love u!

  3. Hey Lisa don’t listen to what those suckers say they’re just hating on your swag so just be laid back and chill and live your life cuz you should’nt give them the TIME OF FRICKEN’ day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I cried when reading this. the first time I saw this, is when I was in school. It breaks my heart how people an be so judgmental over something she can’t control. She isn’t an average Thai woman under all the makeup and hair dye. She’s an amazing person, funny, sweet, and kind hearted. She deserves everything she has and more, nothing but beautiful things in the mirror when she looks at the mirror. Because when I look at her, I see a masterpiece, perfection, everything. Smash face against wall if BLACKPINK is prettier than you ever will be qwq
    *Smashes head against my room wall*

    y e s

    All I see in her is an amazing person, and I will NEVER be able to unsee it u-u
    And tbh
    If I were to meet blackpink, I would request to see Lisa. Lisa barely get’s any attention! It isn’t fair. None of them get the same amount of attention they should. I don’t really have a favorite because they are all equally amazing. But still. It doesn’t make it right for them to be ignored and feel left out! It is very unfair and not right. *sigh* If this website hacks me im going to get in big trouble because this is my schools computer owq”

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