Billie’s Moon Sua, Tsuki And Woo!ah!’s Nana Reportedly Selected As New MCs For “Show Champion”

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Billie’s Moon Sua, Tsuki and Woo!ah!’s Nana reportedly have been selected as new MCs for “Show Champion.”

According to SportV News on January 26, Billie’s Moon Sua, Tsuki and Woo!ah!’s Nana will be the seventh MC of MBC M’s “Show Champion.” They will be the MCs of “Show Champion” from February 8.

“Show Champion” previously drew attention by naming ASTRO Moonbin, Sanha, and VERIVERY Kangmin, a male MC trio. This time, it draws attention this time as they chose a female MC trio. In addition, Moon Sua selection as an MC is all the more meaningful since she will succeed her brother Moonbin as the MC of “Show Champion.”

Moon Sua and Tsuki are group Billie members who debuted in November 2021 and have been active in various radio and entertainment programs with their warm visuals and overflowing talents. In particular, Moon Sua has been proven to be an all-rounder by appearing on JTBC’s “Second World,” and Tsuki has recently confirmed her appearance on Netflix’s entertainment show “Zombie Bus,” drawing expectations for her performance.

Nana is a representative visual member of the group Woo!ah! which debuted in May 2020. Nana has continued her acting career by appearing in web dramas such as “Fall For You” as well as group activities.

The three representative girl group members of the 4th generation are expected to lead the “Show Champion” with warm visual chemistry.

Are you excited to see them as new MCs of “Show Champion”?

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