BIGBANG’s Gdragon Hospitalized To Receive Right Ankle Surgery

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BIGBANG’s Gdragon was revealed to have been hospitalized due to his right ankle injury.

An exclusive report from TV Chosun claimed that BIGBANG’s Gdragon has been admitted to a hospital in Seoul to receive ankle surgery; the idol is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service.

In the report, TV Chosun explained that he received treatment for his right ankle back in mid-April. The doctors recommended surgery, so he came back to the hospital and was admitted to the hospital to get surgery.

But according to the report, his ankle injury didn’t happen during his military service but was something that he experienced prior to his enlistment.

Back in March, a Chinese news outlet revealed images of Gdragon wearing a blue ankle brace and pointing to the camera; fans were scared for Gdragon’s well-being and wondered whether he had sustained the injury while training in the military.

Following the report released by TV Chosun, YG Entertainment confirmed that he is currently in the hospital, they said,

“Gdragon is going to return a few days later after the operation.”

Gdragon enlisted back on February 27 and will be discharged on November 26, 2019.

Wishing Gdragon the best!

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